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Why Move Towards Android

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The new era provides tremendous possibilities for enhanced profitability, productivity and precision in mobile computing. The world’s most famous, dominant, mobile OS is rapidly becoming the business solution of choice for its efficiency, convenience, information security and cost-effectiveness.  This is where Zebra comes into the picture. Zebra can guide you along the ideal way towards an effective, agile, mobile, android-enable workforce.

So why should you migrate from windows?

A major change is undergoing in the rugged handheld device sector. For more than a century, Windows has been the main operating system for rugged systems. However, with Windows stating its plan to wind down support for legacy operating systems such as Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Handheld devices, businesses should review their options fast to migrate their hardware to another operating system. Additionally, some hardware manufacturers also no longer support Windows OS on their systems, leaving businesses to face problems of safety and functionality.

A step towards modern technology – Android

With Windows losing the rugged space market rapidly, Android is anticipated to become the dominant operating system. The adoption rate for rugged systems based on Android is continuously increasing as it is more affordable, easier to deploy, and more compatible with the hardware. Now officially the most popular, dominant mobile operating system in the world.

Benefits of Android using Zebra

The kind of fast-growing prominence enjoyed by android inevitably accompanies some question marks, and when android first touched on its safety and management capacities in the business room, it was still at an initial stage. Zebra came up with android’s initial phase solution to further boost its capacity.

Secured and advance features – With android’s continuing updates, it supports platforms such as Samsung Knox that can help businesses to separate personal and business data on the devices. Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx) converts android from a consumer operating system (OS) into a real business-class OS with a number of extra features and options that enhance safety and device management.

Compatibility Rugged devices based on android are compatible with various Bluetooth headsets and wearable ring scanners that are frequently used in warehouse and manufacturing centers. They also worked on Near Field Communication (NFC) features and preferred touch screens compared to earlier predecessors. Zebra promotes and improves all of android’s fresh features to boost its productivity even more.

Data Capture –  Users may need to scan 1D and 2D barcodes and the codes might be harmed, or distorted by shrink-wrapping. Zebra Mobility DNA tools, SimulScan provides a single scan to capture barcodes, pictures and a whole form, operates quicker and simpler, boosting productivity and reducing inaccuracies.

Manageability, Control and Support – Android is incredibly agile and easy to customize, supported by a massive development network globally. Zebra Mobility DNA management tools make it easy to execute maximum control and security, along with toolkits to make integrating apps, mobile devices fast, simple and problem free.

Support and Repair –  Your device will need a quick repair turnaround. Zebra’s quick, expert device and infrastructure repair service applies this enterprise level of continuity to the Android platform.

Expense of ownership – Android OS is cost effective. But If you factor in perspective of worker downtime costs, accelerated replacement cycles, extra accessories, and the support needed for effective execution then actual mobility costs go far beyond the original purchase cost of the device. Where Zebra removes a major portion of the complexity of operating a mobile device fleet, while future-proofing further decreases TCO.

Lifecycle management – Continuous replacement of devices that have too often flopped or upgraded can also lead in a fleet of mixed generation devices with remarkable support complexities and capital outlays. Accessories and chargers for a device’s new designs may not be compatible in reverse, requiring extra purchases and a loss of value in previous investments. The guide is evident with Zebra for android, which will confirm your mobility approach in the future.


As businesses require their post-Windows alternatives, long-term dividends will be paid for taking the time to scope and developing a detailed strategy for mobile computing. Partnership with a trusted mobility resource like Zebra can assist companies to make the correct decisions for their situations, eventually enhancing operational efficiency, team productivity, and competitiveness on the market.

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