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We are an Irish-owned technology company, involved in the supply of barcode scanners, demand label printing, custom software and the manufacture of consumables. We are the trusted barcoding and labelling supplier for top companies in the technology, pharmaceutical and FMCG industries, in Ireland and abroad.

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Warehouse Management System

Our warehouse management software offers comprehensive visibility into your warehouse operations, delivering the essential oversight and precision needed to maintain efficient workflows. This system empowers your business to:

  • Facilitate seamless integration and automation of goods and materials handling from their arrival to their departure from the warehouse.
  • Ensure precise tracking and handling of goods through all stages — receiving, storage, picking, and packing — using durable barcode scanners and voice-directed technologies.
  • Boost staff coordination and operational efficiency with robust, wearable mobile computing devices.

Inventory Control & Management Systems for Warehouses

Effective inventory management is essential, ensuring that your stock numbers align perfectly with your purchase orders. By investing in superior warehouse technology solutions, you can enhance your employees’ ability to perform inventory management tasks with greater accuracy and control, which saves time and boosts customer satisfaction. Our inventory management solutions empower your business to integrate mobile computers with your warehouse management system, enabling comprehensive operational management. You can maintain an accurate inventory count effortlessly with rugged tablets and advanced warehouse scanning solutions. Additionally, real-time tracking is facilitated through various RFID options, including fixed mount, wearable, and mobile devices. Moreover, voice headsets streamline the picking process, allowing for voice-directed commands and eliminating the need for manual label scanning.

Return Process Management

A smooth returns process significantly boosts the likelihood of customers making repeat purchases, thereby enhancing your revenue over time. Having the right warehouse technology, including scanning and labeling solutions, simplifies tracking returns. Our reverse logistics warehouse solutions offer several benefits: Wearable mobile computers enable the immediate scanning and recording of returned items’ conditions, determining whether goods should be restocked, refurbished, or discontinued. A variety of printers, including label, thermal, colour, ID card, and mobile printers, allow for on-the-spot label printing within your facility. Moreover, equipping employees with mobile printers reduces the need to traverse the facility, enabling them to print labels directly at the point of application, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Streamlined Loading and Shipping Processes

Our warehouse technology solutions enhance the efficiency of the loading and shipping processes, which are vital for ensuring the correct orders are sorted, loaded, and dispatched to the right customers via the appropriate transit modes, guaranteeing timely delivery. These solutions enable your business to direct shipping cartons to the proper lanes using advanced vision systems, imager cameras, and laser readers. They allow for comprehensive scanning and tracking of stock from the depot through to delivery, integrating seamlessly with your Warehouse Management System (WMS) via durable, vehicle-mounted computers. Additionally, our technology assists in verifying pallet configurations, container planning, and trailer loading, optimising space and resource utilisation for maximum efficiency.

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