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We are experts in retail technology solutions

We are an Irish-owned technology company, involved in the supply of barcode scanners, demand label printing, custom software and the manufacture of consumables. We are the trusted barcoding and labelling supplier for top companies in the technology, pharmaceutical and FMCG industries, in Ireland and abroad.

Our Trusting Clients

Innovative Retail Technology: Enhancing Customer Journeys with EPOS Systems

EPOS solutions blend in-store and online experiences, improving customer interactions. They enable electronic ordering and payment, with ADC Barcode offering custom options, including contactless and mobile payments. 

Investing in retail technology, like tailored EPOS systems, boosts productivity and enhances the buying process with integrated devices. Features like mobile devices for swift service, contactless payments, and loyalty programmes improves efficiency and customer loyalty. Mytill EPOS software centralises management tasks and scales with your business, keeping you competitive.

Streamline Operations With Optimised Inventory and Stock Management

ADC Barcode’s inventory solutions automate stock tracking, enhancing retail efficiency and freeing employees to focus on customer service. We offer customised hardware recommendations and support seamless operations with mobile computers. 

Our technology includes rugged tablets and scanners for accurate, on-the-go inventory management. Real-time tracking is enabled with RFID solutions, and mobile label printers reduce walking time, boosting operational efficiency. 

Adopting these solutions improves accuracy and empowers staff to provide better customer service.

Smooth and Seamless Returns Process

An effective returns process boosts repeat purchases and revenue. Enhanced by retail technology, tracking returns becomes more efficient. 

Wearable computers scan and assess returned items, aiding in their correct management. On-site label printing with mobile printers cuts down staff movement and speeds up returns processing. 

Continuous customer communication, supported by ADC Barcode’s software, is crucial for a positive experience, strengthening customer bonds and optimising returns management.

Constant and Immediate Workforce Communication and Connectivity

Mobile workers benefit your business with instant connections through advanced communication tech. Retail tech solutions boost efficiency by giving workers quick, accurate information access via mobile computers. 

ADC Barcode enhances team communication with wireless headsets, ensuring connectivity everywhere on-site. Our retail software consolidates information, streamlining operations and empowering your mobile workforce for more efficient processes.

Implement Smart Retail Warehousing

Transform your retail warehouse into a smart hub with custom technology and software solutions. 

Implement a Warehouse Management System for total visibility and to overcome manual process limits. Use rugged barcode scanners for accurate inventory tracking and streamline operations. Voice headsets for picking improve speed and reduce errors. Integrate vision systems and laser readers for precise carton sorting and improved shipping efficiency. 

ADC Barcode’s solutions elevate your warehouse’s accuracy and operational efficiency.

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