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Zebra TC52X-HC Series Mobile Healthcare Computers

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Elevate patient care and experience with the Zebra TC52x-HC and TC52ax-HC, building upon the success of the TC52-HC series. These devices redefine healthcare technology, offering caregivers an unparalleled mobile voice and data experience. With best-in-class processing power and a large screen for minimal scrolling, healthcare professionals can enjoy uninterrupted efficiency, thanks to the hot-swappable battery feature. Designed with healthcare demands in mind, the devices boast a clog-proof construction for easy disinfection and a red alert button to quickly summon assistance, ensuring patient safety and streamlined operations.

Healthcare-safe illumination

The integrated scanner of these models comes equipped with healthcare-safe illumination LEDs and aimer colors, making barcode capture in any condition effortless and reliable. This capability is crucial for medication administration, patient identification, and specimen tracking. High-quality photo documentation is made simple with a 13 MP rear camera, enhancing remote collaboration with physicians and ensuring detailed patient condition records. Automatic over-the-air updates keep the Android system current, while advanced device tracking ensures valuable tools are always accounted for, even if powered off.

Wi-Fi 6 Connectivity

The TC52x-HC and TC52ax-HC don’t just stop at hardware; they are a leap forward in connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 and double the memory, offering faster Wi-Fi speeds, support for more users, and future-proofing capabilities. The 5-inch Full HD display provides maximum screen space and readability under any conditions, facilitating both critical medical tasks and telehealth consultations with clarity and ease.

UDI capture

From capturing Unique Device Identifier (UDI) barcodes to ensure equipment safety to automating data capture on medical forms, these devices are indispensable for modern healthcare settings. Zebra’s TC52x-HC and TC52ax-HC series exemplify how cutting-edge technology can transform patient care, making them essential tools for healthcare providers seeking to improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes.

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