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Zebra RS4000 1D Corded Ring Scanner

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Introducing the Zebra RS4000 1D Corded Ring Scanner

This ring scanner is a game-changer for businesses seeking enhanced productivity in warehouse, retail, and distribution centre environments. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Zebra’s WT6000 wearable mobile computer, this small and lightweight ring scanner empowers workers to maintain focus on tasks, eliminating the need to set items down for paperwork or handheld barcode scanning.

Two Scanning Modes for Flexibility

The RS4000 corded ring scanner offers versatile scanning options, allowing workers to press the trigger button once for a single barcode scan or keep it depressed for continuous barcode scanning, adapting to various operational needs.

Capture Virtually any Barcode in Any Condition

Equipped with advanced scanning algorithms, the RS4000 ensures efficient capture of scratched, dirty, damaged, and poorly printed barcodes, guaranteeing accuracy in challenging conditions, every time.

Patented Liquid Polymer Scan Element for Maximum Reliability

Featuring a patented liquid polymer scan element with a lifetime warranty, the RS4000 corded ring scanner eliminates friction and wear, maximising uptime and worker productivity, contributing to a low total cost of ownership.

Bright Scan Line for Easy Aiming

The RS4000 boasts an easy-to-see scan line, facilitating precise aiming for the first-time capture of barcodes in various lighting conditions. The oversize LED light provides a clear indication of successful scans.

Durable Construction for Enhanced Reliability

Constructed with a diecast zinc scan engine chassis, single-board construction, and scan engine isolation, the RS4000 ensures superior impact protection for the scan engine, improving reliability even in the event of a drop.

Hands-Free Scanning Power for Operational Efficiency

Embrace hands-free scanning with the ring scanner design, allowing workers to move packages and materials without restrictions, ultimately enhancing worker productivity and operational efficiency.

Increase Productivity with a Wide Working Range

Leverage our patented Adaptive Scanning technology, enabling workers to capture barcodes within a wide working range, from near contact to 15 ft./4.5 m, providing flexibility in various operational scenarios.

Elevate your business operations with the Zebra RS4000 1D Corded Ring Scanner – a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution designed to meet the demands of modern workplaces. Invest in productivity, invest in Zebra.

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