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Zebra DS9908 Corded Hybrid Imager for Labs

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In the realm of medical labs and pharmacies, accurate tracking of critical items like medications, blood, and tissue samples is paramount. The introduction of 2D barcodes and RFID technology has significantly enhanced accuracy and efficiency in these environments. However, the unique barcodes encountered in labs, ranging from microscopic slides to curved medication bottles, pose challenges for general-purpose imagers. Zebra’s DS9908 Corded Hybrid Imager emerges as the purpose-built solution for lab environments, delivering unparalleled productivity and user-friendly functionality.

Lab Corded Hybrid Imager: Tailored for Lab Challenges

Zebra’s DS9908 is designed to capture a myriad of barcode types commonly found in labs, including small, high-density, curved, and color-coded variations. The one-of-a-kind hybrid design seamlessly transitions between handheld and hands-free scanning modes. For labs seeking advanced capabilities, the RFID model combines barcode scanning with RFID capabilities, facilitating the reading of RFID tags on blood bags and other specimen samples. Elevate workflow efficiency and accuracy with the DS9900 Series, a hybrid imager purposefully crafted for the lab environment.

Precision in Scanning Challenging Barcodes

The high-density focus of the DS9908 adeptly reads smaller, high-density barcodes on microscope slides, curved barcodes on medication containers, and color-coded specimen trays. White illumination LEDs enhance visibility for scanning color-coded trays and biopsy cassettes, ensuring high-confidence scanning in the lab environment with first-time, every-time capture of even the most challenging barcodes, minimizing workflow disruptions.

Rapid-Fire Scanning for Enhanced Productivity

Equipped with an 800 MHz microprocessor, advanced illumination system, and first-pass read rates up to 240 inches (610 cm) per second, the DS9908 Corded Hybrid Imager provides near-instant barcode capture. With the widest field of view in its class, the scanner demands less precision when positioning items, making hands-free scanning more accessible than ever and boosting overall productivity.

Optional RFID Model for Comprehensive Tracking

For labs requiring comprehensive tracking, the RFID model offers both barcode scanning and UHF RFID reading/writing in a single platform. Ideal for tracking serial numbers, expiration dates, and critical data in blood processing, this model allows workers to read multiple RFID-tagged samples in one pass without line of sight. Operating from a single USB port and without the need for an external power supply, the RFID model simplifies integration with existing systems.

Industry-Best Performance for Diverse Barcodes

The DS9908 Corded Hybrid Imager for Labs combines a high-resolution megapixel sensor with Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology. This results in unparalleled performance on virtually any barcode encountered in pharmacies and labs, including poorly printed, shiny, faded, dirty, and damaged codes, as well as electronic barcodes on dimly lit displays. Choose Zebra DS9908 for a revolutionary imaging solution tailored to meet the unique challenges of lab environments.

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