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Zebra DS8178-HC Healthcare Cordless Handheld Imager

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As a healthcare provider, ensuring top-notch care round the clock is paramount. Equipping your healthcare professionals with tools to enhance patient outcomes, boost productivity, and streamline daily processes is essential. Enter the purpose-built DS8100 Series for Healthcare, designed to meet these needs seamlessly. Tailored to instantly capture challenging barcodes, offering maximum protection against bacteria spread, featuring Night Mode with Vibrate for unmissable feedback, and equipped with a built-in lamp, the DS8100-HC Series integrates effortlessly into existing healthcare workflows. This ensures process efficiencies while maintaining patient tranquillity until intervention is necessary. With swappable power sources, including a PowerPrecision+ battery or PowerCapTM capacitor, and Zebra’s exclusive DataCapture DNA software ecosystem simplifying scanning experiences, the DS8100-HC Series enhances patient safety and point-of-care operations’ efficiency.

DS8100-HC Healthcare Scanners: Enhanced Patient Experiences

Experience unparalleled performance on every barcode, irrespective of condition. The DS8100-HC Series combines an 800 MHz microprocessor, the highest sensor resolution in its class, a high-density focus, and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology. This unique combination ensures instant capture of problematic barcodes commonly found in pharmacies, labs, and point-of-care settings. From tiny and curved barcodes on medicine bottles to IV bags, syringes, specimen trays, and biopsy cassettes, the DS8100-HC Series delivers exceptional scanning performance.

Purpose-built Housing for Infection Prevention

The DS8100-HC Series features a purpose-built housing designed to mitigate the spread of bacteria. Special plastics enable safe wipe-downs with a wide range of harsh disinfectants commonly used in hospitals. Concealed screw holes and seams eliminate hiding spots for bacteria, ensuring thorough cleanliness even after wipe-downs.

Flexible Feedback Modes, including Night Mode with Vibrate

Select from various feedback modes tailored to different hospital environments, from intensive care units to quiet night shifts or bustling day shifts. Options include haptic/vibration feedback, LED indicators, adjustable beep tones, and Zebra’s Direct Decode Indicator, which confirms barcode capture with projected illumination. In Night Mode, a quick trigger press toggles between audible beeps and vibration, allowing clinicians to confirm scans without disturbing patients or workflow interruptions.

Incorporate the DS8100-HC Cordless Handheld Imager into your healthcare setup to elevate efficiency, patient safety, and overall operational excellence.


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