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Zebra DS4608-HC 1D/2D Corded Barcode Scanners for Healthcare

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Data capture is crucial in hospitals, where precision and accuracy are paramount. From the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to the pharmacy, healthcare barcode scanners play a vital role. NICU nurses use these scanners to verify a newborn’s identity, ensuring the safety and proper care of infants. Nurses also utilise healthcare barcode scanners to accurately record IV bag dosages and times, essential for patient treatment management. Pharmacists rely on these scanners to confirm medications match the prescribed dosages, reducing potential errors. Laboratory technicians also use healthcare barcode scanners for meticulous tracking of specimens, guaranteeing accurate diagnoses.

Introducing the DS4600 Series for Healthcare Barcode Scanners

The DS4600 Series for Healthcare is specifically designed to address the varied needs of a hospital environment with a single, robust solution. The DS4608-HC, a premier model in this series, is built to withstand the rigours of frequent disinfections required at the point-of-care and includes an LED aimer that is safe for use in sensitive areas like the NICU. This healthcare barcode scanner is exceptionally versatile, capable of capturing nearly every type of barcode found in hospital settings.

Enhancing Workflow and Patient Experience with Efficient Scanning

The DS4608-HC healthcare barcode scanner enhances workflow efficiency and improves patient experiences with its advanced features. It includes Zebra’s unique DataCapture DNA and industry-preferred management tools which simplify the integration, deployment, and management of scanners, saving valuable time and resources. This model meets the high-performance demands required to improve care quality and offers the versatility needed to streamline scanner use across various hospital departments.

Superior Technical Specifications and Performance Features

The DS4608-HC healthcare barcode scanner boasts impressive technical specifications. It integrates an 800 MHz microprocessor and a high-resolution megapixel sensor, along with Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology. These features combine to deliver unparalleled scanning performance on barcodes in any condition, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of data capture in healthcare settings.

Durability and Design Optimised for Hospital Use

Designed with hospital environments in mind, the DS4608-HC healthcare barcode scanner features a disinfectant-ready housing that withstands regular cleaning with various disinfectants. Its design helps prevent bacterial build-up and protects against spills with IP52 sealing. A double-sealed optical system maintains the integrity of the scanning function, ensuring that this healthcare barcode scanner captures the sharpest possible barcode images for fast and reliable decoding.

Customisable Feedback Modes for Diverse Hospital Environments

The DS4608-HC healthcare barcode scanner offers flexible feedback modes to suit various hospital settings, including a night mode with vibration features, allowing staff to receive prompt scanning confirmations without disturbing patients. These features make the DS4600 Series for Healthcare an invaluable tool in enhancing healthcare services, contributing to safer, more efficient patient care environments.

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