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Zebra DS457 Hands Free Fixed Mount 2D Barcode Imager

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Introducing the Zebra DS457 Hands Free Fixed Mount 2D Barcode Imager, a revolutionary solution for high-volume hands-free scanning. From retail POS and airport boarding gates to manufacturing production lines, this device empowers your workforce to scan virtually any bar code, including 1-D, 2-D, and direct part marks. With breakthrough digital imaging technology, it ensures extraordinary scanning speed, providing comprehensive data capture for diverse applications.

Versatile Barcode Capture

The DS457 excels in scanning 1-D, 2-D, and direct part marks, ensuring adaptability across various industries.

Compact Footprint

With a tiny footprint of just 1.15 in. H x 2.3 in. L x 2.44 in. W, the DS457 fits seamlessly into space-constrained areas, making it ideal for retail cash wraps, manufacturing cells, or airport gates.

Flexible Scanning Modes

Workers can choose between presentation or trigger-activated mode, providing flexibility for a wide range of applications.

Mobile Phone Compatibility

The DS457 reads barcodes on mobile phone and computer displays, making it ready for the adoption of mobile bar codes, ensuring customer convenience and service quality.

Sleek Design

While perfect for integration into various products, the DS457’s sleek design also complements customer-facing areas, such as retail counters.

Zero or Minimal Footprint

Ideal for scenarios requiring zero or minimal footprint, the DS457 can be mounted under counters, attached to registers, or integrated into tight spaces in manufacturing or airport environments.

Easy Integration

The DS457 can be used as a standalone scanner or seamlessly integrated into space-constrained products, including mobile computers, handheld scanners, self-service kiosks, medical instruments, and more. Integration is simple, requiring no optical, mechanical, or electrical engineering.

Common Interface Compatibility

If you already have a Zebra Miniscan in use, the DS457’s common interface allows for a straightforward scanner swap, boosting scanning performance and quality without the need for re-tooling or redesign.

Best-in-Class Performance

Powered by a robust 624 MHz processor, fast sensor shutter speed, and patent-pending fastpulse illumination, the DS457 delivers exceptional performance on all bar codes, ensuring continuous scanning without the need to pause between scans.

Elevate your scanning capabilities with the Zebra DS457 Hands Free Fixed Mount 2D Barcode Imager – a precision-driven solution that enhances productivity, throughput, and adaptability across diverse industries. Invest in efficiency, invest in Zebra.

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