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UniLabel – Easy-Break, No Residue Security Labels

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Discover UniLabel – The No-Residue, Easy-Break Security Labels

Introducing UniLabel, the ultimate no-residue void security label designed for versatile applications. With its unique easy-break feature and non-adhesive centre, this label is perfect for sealing a wide range of enclosures, containers, and doors.

Specialised Easy-Break Design

Our UniLabel is engineered with an easy-break, non-adhesive centre, allowing you to effortlessly seal over seams or openings on various types of enclosures. This design ensures that the label breaks and is destroyed when pulled apart, offering an added layer of security.

Security Scores for Enhanced Protection

This version of UniLabel comes with security scores across the centre, providing a weak point that breaks the seal when pulled apart. This feature makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring immediate evidence of tampering.

Duplicate Security Numbering

Each UniLabel is accompanied by a counterpart label featuring duplicate security numbering as standard. This allows for easy tracking and verification, ensuring the utmost security for your valuable assets.

Multi-Purpose Security Solution

UniLabel is a versatile security solution, ideal for sealing various types of enclosures such as catering trolleys and electrical cabinets. Its no-residue feature ensures that your surfaces remain clean and undamaged.

Product Features

UniLabel comes with security scores across its centre, designed to break the seal when pulled apart. It’s the go-to security solution for sealing enclosures like catering trolleys and electrical cabinets.

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