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Numbered UniTape – Residue Security Tape

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Introducing Numbered UniTape – Your Ultimate Residue Security Tape

Experience unparalleled security with our Numbered UniTape, a tamper-evident residue security tape designed to protect your valuable goods during transit. Each tape is uniquely numbered and comes in perforated strips for easy application and tracking.

Advanced Tamper-Evident Technology

Our state-of-the-art UniTape features a delaminating technology that leaves a ‘VOID OPEN’ message on both the tape and the application surface when removed. This ensures that any tampering is immediately evident, providing an extra layer of security.

Sequential Numbering for Enhanced Security

This specific model of UniTape is sequentially numbered in perforated sections of 15cm widths. This allows you to seal various types of packaging—be it cartons, crates, or pallets—with distinct ranges of security numbers. These numbers can be recorded on the shipment manifest, offering a reliable way to track and secure your consignments.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

With our Numbered UniTape, you can be confident that consignments arriving at their destination with security numbers intact have not been accessed during transit. It’s the perfect solution for safeguarding high-value goods against theft.

Product Specifications

Each roll of Numbered UniTape comes with sequential numbering and is perforated every 15cm, providing 333 sections per roll. Its superior tamper-evident performance makes it suitable for both rough and smooth materials.

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