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Customisable High-Strength Security Seal

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Introducing Metal-Insert Security Seals – The Pinnacle of Strength and Security

Meet the Metal-Insert Security Seals, your go-to solution for securing larger or bulkier items. Crafted with a polypropylene pull-through design and an integral stainless steel metal insert, these seals offer unparalleled strength and security. Available in two different sizes, they are perfect for a wide range of applications.

Exceptional Pull-Strength

Our Metal-Insert Security Seals boast an impressive 30KgF pull-strength, making them ideal for securing various items and enclosures such as sacks, vehicles, valves, and containers. Rest assured that your valuables are safe from tampering by unauthorised users.

Customisable to Your Needs

These security seals offer full customisation options, allowing you to have them printed with your bespoke company information, logo, number/barcode sequencing, or data matrix. Tailor them to meet the specific requirements of your application for enhanced security and branding.

High-Quality Metal Insert

The integral stainless steel metal insert provides an added layer of security, ensuring that the seal remains intact even under extreme conditions. Its smooth tail design allows for easy application, making it a practical choice for various sealing needs.

Product Specifications

Metal-Insert Security Seals come with a 30KgF pull-strength and are available in two different sizes, featuring a 3.7mm diameter tail. They offer full customisation options to suit your specific application needs.

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