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Gondola Cart

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The Gondola is the new posture friendly medication dispensing cart from RDP. Configurable to support either Laptop or Panel PCs, our unique patented mechanism brings all medication stored in the cart up to waist height so that it easily accessible without the need for bending.
We are aware that back related workplace absences have been an issue in NHS Trusts that have rolled out dispensing carts for ePMA. Many ePMA carts have been manufactured to maximise storage space and not ergonomics. Drawer systems traditionally start at floor level up to waist height. In everyday use, clinical staff are having to bend down to access medication many times a day resulting in back injuries and absences from work.
The ‘Gondola’ from RDP combats the issue of clinical staff having to bend down and thus reducing back strain. The unique rotational drawer system provides access to medication at a comfortable height at all times. Whilst traditional stacked drawer carts have worked well for a number of years, we believe that this new concept not only provides substantial storage, more importantly it removes back related strain issues reducing work place absence.


Storage, Secure, Posture friendly, Supports IT hardware, Unique design, Colour coded trays

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