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Easy Label is the easiest to use barcode and RFID (radio-frequency identification) label software available on the market today. Its unmatched software program allows you to design and print unique labels and barcodes, as well as, allowing you to create labels for shipping and receiving, manufacturing, inventory control, quality assurance, document tracking, compliance and much more. Easy label includes an RFID Wizard along with a GS1(EAN/ UCC) barcode Wizard, with an intuitive port it is simple to use.

Tharo is the author of EasyLabel software. Tharo systems inc has been a world leader in the Automatic Identification Industry since 1982. With over 199,000 copies running across the globe, it is now the bestselling and most powerful label design software out there.

Features & Benefits

EasyLabel Software’s many features include:

GS1 Barcode Wizard: Allows you to create GS1 barcodes in four simple steps, prompting for the required information to create codes with multiple application identifiers.

RFID Wizard: Allows you to program and print smart labels and assists with creating an electronic product code, which enables importing data from different sources for programming labels.

Database view: Supporting Microsoft Access, this new database editor allows you to edit and create Access databases within the program as well as with most other database structures, including spreadsheets and text formats.

Database Cross Reference: Helps design complicated chemical labels accurately, placing localized hazard and precautionary statements by allowing data from various databases to be easily cross-referenced.

Security and Logging: Provides extensive reporting, logging and reprint application for compliance requirements.

Middleware Capabilities: Allows you to use EasyLabel with other applications through its command file monitoring application.

Terminal Server: Provides all the Platinum version’s features, allowing you to run the Windows Terminal Server platform.

XML Generator: Enables you to generate XML templates and use them as templates with Windows XP or another framework.

XML Monitor: Watches file directories or IP ports, automatically printing labels when it receives compatible XML files.

Remote Programming: Allows field upgrading through remote programming, permitting the exchange of encrypted data files.

IP Printing: Can print to printers anywhere in the world.

Net Print Server: Provides a browser-based interface for label selection and printing for computers running on Windows and non-Windows operating systems.


Easylabel does not need a Maintenance or support contract.


Companies around the world trust EasyLabel, a time-tested software package, which can meet all your labeling needs. It comes with a training companion called EasyTutor, which helps develop a solid working knowledge on EasyLabel Software’s features and functions through interactive tutorials.

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