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Datalogic Skorpio X5 Advanced Mobile Computer

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Datalogic Skorpio X5: Advanced Mobile Computer with Largest Scan Engine

Revolutionising Operations for Enhanced Productivity

The Skorpio X5 emerges as a game-changer across retail, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors, delivering unmatched reliability and adaptability. As the leading mobile computer with the largest multi-touch display in the Portable Data Terminal (PDT) market, it equips industries with cutting-edge tools for optimal productivity, distinguishing itself for effectiveness and efficiency. With a robust CPU and state-of-the-art scan engines, including a unique Mid-Range imager and a 2D Extra-Long Range (XLR) imager, the Skorpio X5 ensures instantaneous barcode reading under various conditions. Engineered to enhance productivity and minimise errors, it provides an exceptional user experience, stability, and security.

More Distance: Extended Reading Span

The DS4608-SR, a top-performing scan engine within the Skorpio X5 family, presents the broadest scanning range available on the market. The Extra-Long Range (XLR) model offers versatile options such as Linear Imager, Standard 2D Imager, Mid-Range Imager, and the unparalleled 2D near-far Extra-long Range (XLR), making it indispensable for diverse applications requiring seamless reading of codes at different distances, up to 20 m.

More Robust: Safe Usage in Harsh Environments

Fully rugged, the Skorpio X5 withstands shocks and harsh environments. The XLR model is fortified with bumpers and a specially designed rubber boot for maximum robustness. Resilient to multiple drops up to 1.8 m, hermetically sealed against dust, and safeguarded against waterjets with an IP65 rating, it proves ideal for mobile commerce solutions in the retail sector.

More Visible: Effortless Reading in Any Lighting Condition

Featuring the largest and brightest Gorillaâ„¢ Glass display, the 4.3-inch screen ensures optimal visibility in any lighting condition. Tailored for outdoor environments, the Skorpio X5 allows staff to operate comfortably in bright outdoor lighting, ensuring maximum readability for all applications.

More Reliable: Ready for Scans with No Interruptions

Equipped with wireless charging models, the Skorpio X5 stands out with its future-proof charging technology. Ultra-reliable contactless charging minimises maintenance costs, making it suitable for extended shifts, such as retail in-store and backroom operations.

More Powerful: State-of-the-Art Platform

The Skorpio X5 runs the most demanding applications simultaneously, thanks to the market-leading Qualcomm® SDA660 System-on-Chip. Its powerful CPU ensures smooth operation and efficiency, catering to the rising need for multiple power-consuming applications in the modern enterprise.

More User-Friendly: Embrace the Intuitive Android 10 Experience

Benefit from the Skorpio X5’s enhanced user-friendliness, driven by its integration with Android 10, the latest Google OS version. The device incorporates Google Mobile Services (GMS), ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Enjoy unmatched stability and security, with the Skorpio X5 leveraging Google Enterprise APIs for robust security measures and efficient deployment. As an Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) device, it adheres to Google’s stringent enterprise-grade requirements, undergoing rigorous testing based on established best practices and guidelines.

More Comfortable: Elevating Efficiency through Ergonomics

Experience optimal comfort during extended use of the Skorpio X5, thanks to its lightweight, ergonomic, and perfectly balanced design. The device can be conveniently hung using a belt holder accessory when not in use. Choose the keypad configuration that aligns with your specific application and operational needs, including 28 Keys Numeric, 38 Keys Function, and 47 Keys Alphanumeric Keyboards. The Skorpio X5 offers a variety of scan key options, such as 2 Side, 1 central, trigger (Pistol version), or bottom (HH version), along with a Soft Spot for users to scan comfortably in their preferred manner.

In summary, the Datalogic Skorpio X5 stands as the unparalleled choice, redefining retail barcode scanning through its cutting-edge features, robust design, and advanced technology, making it the largest scan engine mobile computer available in the market.

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