Cheque Printers




Cheque Printers

Epson TM- S1000 Series - Cheque and Coupon Scanner

Epsons TM-S1000 cheque scanner is ideal for banks and corporations that want to capture cheques using back office capture (BOC), remote deposit capture (RDC) or a combination of the two. The Epson cheque scanner comes in both a 30 DPM and 60 DPM version and features RDMs MICR algorithms and imaging

Epson TM-S2000MJ Series - Double-Sided Colour Scanning and Inkjet Endorsement Device

The Epson TM-S2000MJ combines double-sided colour scanning and inkjet endorsement printing in one compact device for the efficient processing of cheques, vouchers and cut sheets. Photo ID cards can also be scanned quickly and precisely. Setting new standards in speed and accuracy, the TM-S2000MJ sc

Epson TM-S9000MJ - All-in-One Cheque Scanner/Printer and Receipt Printer

Epson has drawn on its expertise in supplying the financial services sector to create the Epson TM-S9000MJ - a true all-in-one cheque scanner/printer and receipt printer. The TM-S9000MJ combines double-sided colour scanning, endorsement inkjet printing and thermal receipt printing in one compact de

Star SP298 Slip/Cheque Printer

The SP298 is the ideal printer for printing company branded pre-printed multi-part slips/forms. In many hotels, owners used the same printed form through the bar, the reception, the restaurant or gift shop. The SP298 is world famous for its tab capability: additional items (drinks or desserts) can b

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