Cash Drawers




Cash Drawers

APG Cash Drawer Flip Top Cash Drawer

Tested to last beyond 2 million operations, this heavy duty cash drawer integrates seamlessly into the check lane. The Flip-Top may be integrated into traditional, self-check and mobile check stands. As the Flip-Top's name suggests, the lid flips up to open and provide access to the currency in t

APG Cash Drawer Series 100 Cash Drawer

Small in size, the APG Series 100 cash drawer does not compromise efficiency. It actually improves upon it, increasing the effectiveness of your workstation. Designed around a full size till, the narrow footprint of the Series 100 minimises the amount of counter space required. There is ample storag

APG Cash Drawer Series 4000 Cash Drawer

Built to perform. Built to last. Built to continue the APG tradition of providing millions of smooth, trouble free cycles. The Series 4000 is the ultimate heavy duty cash drawer. Industrial grade steel ball bearing slides ensure effortless performance and durability. A robust latch mechanism and a

APG Cash Drawer Vasario Series

The Vasario series is the cost effective choice that doesn't sacrifice quality or dependability. Each member of the Vasario cash drawer family is competitively priced and includes features, such as multifunction locks and drawer status reporting, found in more expensive cash drawers. A variety of m

ECD - European Cash Drawers CDJ400 Cash Drawer

The CDJ-400 powered cash drawer is one of the narrowest but at 10kg in weight it is an extremely solid and robust unit. With the exception of the insert, it is fabricated from heavy gauge epoxycoated mild steel capable of withstanding the rigours of the most demanding retail environment. Dimensions

Heckler Design WindFall Box Set (Stand & Cash Drawer)

This is the point-of-sale your shop deserves. With WindFall Box Set, Heckler Design has reconsidered, redesigned, and reconstructed every aspect of point-of-sale hardware. The result is the smallest, full-featured cash drawer ever; a beautiful assembly of components designed to work and look great i

ICD 3S-423 - Small Standard Cash Drawer

Two-Part Insert. (Coin tray removable) 8 Coins / 4 Notes or 8 Coins / 6-8 Notes (Notes inclined) Coin Tray lifts for storing cheques Media Slots Optional Off-White, Black, Dark Grey or Epson Cool White (ECW) Stainless steel or painted front 3 Position lock Dimensions: 405W x 423L x 98H

ICD 3S-460 - Larger Standard Cash Drawer

8 rounded coin bins / 4 Notes or 5 Coins / 4 Notes plus two bins at rear. (Horizontal Notes) Optional insert 8 Coins / 6 Notes (Notes inclined) Media Slot in front optional 3 position lock Off- White, Black Dimensions: 440W x 460L x 103H

ICD EP-107 - Upgrade of 3S-460

Squarer edges than 3S-460 Aluminium coin strike plate on top of case 8 rounded coin bins/4 Notes or 5 Coins/4 Notes plus 2 bins at rear (Horizontal Notes) Optional Insert 8 Coins/6 Notes (inclined notes) Off-White, Black, Dark Grey 3 position lock Media slot optional Dimensions: 440W x 460L x 103H

ICD EP-280 - Wide Cash Drawer

Uses same inserts as FT-100 8 Coins/5 Notes (I-508) 5 Coins/7 Notes (I-527) 8 Coin/5 Notes with 8 weighable coin bins (I-530) Media Slot Off-White or Black Dimensions: 500W x 280L x 120H

ICD FT-100 - Flip Top Cash Drawer

External Dimensions: 460W x 170L x 99H Materials: All Steel Case. Extra strong hinge system Colours: Off-white, Black, stainless steel top optional Key Release: 200 different key no.'s available Inserts: - 8 Coins / 5 Notes (I-508) - 5 Coins / 7 Notes (I-527) - 8 Coins / 5 Notes with 8 weighabl

ICD SS-102 - Very Small Cash Drawer. 5 Coins (removable coin tray), 3 Notes

5 Coins / 3 Notes (Coin tray lifts to store large notes, cheques, etc.) 3 Position lock Off- White, Black Dimensions: 330W x 415L x 90H

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