Handheld Barcode Scanners




Handheld Barcode Scanners

Datalogic QuickScan L QD2300 General Purpose Corded Handheld Laser Barcode Reader

The QuickScan reader series is Datalogic ADCs value line of general purpose handheld data collection products. As an entry level scanner, the QuickScan L scanner provides a simple solution for those who prefer laser scanning technology and need to read barcodes at nominal distances. A wider than usual scan angle provides the ability to read a longer barcode from a shorter distance.

Datalogic QuickScan QBT2131 Imager Barcode Scanner

Long bar codes are commonly used in a variety of applications including, utilities bills, document processing and packaging. These long codes are a challenge for full area imagers to read due to their narrow field of view and shorter depth of field.

Datalogic Quickscan QD2131 1D Linear Imager

Datalogic is pleased to announce the newest QuickScan product: the QD2131 1D linear imager. This is an entry level scanner with enhanced performance for general linear bar code scanning applications.

Datalogic Touch TD1100 - Corded Linear Imaging Contact Barcode Scanner

The Datalogic Touch TD1100 series of linear imaging contact readers represent the Datalogic ADC solution for customers who require a cost-effective solution for close contact barcode reading without sacrificing quality and performance. Designed for low throughput applications within multiple markets, the Touch TD1100 readers provide the guarantee of contact reading with an excellent reading performance on virtually all linear barcodes, including damaged or poorly printed codes.

Honeywell 3800g HD - High Density Linear Imager

Based on the proven 3800g platform, the Honeywell 3800gHD is optimised for applications using high-density (HD) barcodes commonly found in electronics manufacturing, telecom, aerospace, and automotive. Compact, ergonomic design and class-leading durability, coupled with aggressive reading performanc

Honeywell 3800r

Honeywell's 3800r linear image barcode scanner, designed specifically for retail applications, delivers the right balance of scanning performance, connectivity and durability. Honeywell's retail barcode scanner provides the highest scanning accuracy specific to retail environments. The 3800r retail

Honeywell Eclipse MS5145 - Handheld Laser Barcode Scanners

The Honeywell MS5145 Eclipse is a single-line, hand-held laser scanner

Honeywell Fusion 3780 - Omnidirectional/Laser Handheld Barcode Scanner

Honeywell's Fusion combines omnidirectional and single-line laser barcode scanning in a lightweight, ergonomic hand-held form factor. The 20-line omnidirectional scan pattern makes Fusion ideal for medium volume retailers, including specialist outlets, pharmacies and convenience stores. The included

Honeywell Hyperion 1300g - Handheld Barcode Scanner

USB Kit: 1D, black scanner (1300g-2), USB Type A 3m straight cable (CBL-500-300-S00) and documentation

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