Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals


Industry leading pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, produces specialty pharmaceutical products including generic drugs and imaging agents.

Mallinckrodt manufactures and distributes products used in diagnostic procedures and in the treatment of pain and related conditions. This includes the development, manufacture and distribution of specialty pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, contrast products and radiopharmaceuticals.

The Requirement:

As a world leading company, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals required a printing hardware solution for cleanroom and warehousing environments that would adhere to their strict label printing standards.

Knowing that ADC Barcode is a Zebra Premier Partner it was easy for Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals to select us as a solution provider.

The Solution: 

For the best printing solution that would prove fast, accurate and economical ADC Barcode choose to supply Mallinckrodt with Zebra 140Xi4 Industrial Printers.

The Zebra 140Xi4 (203dpi) is built for high-volume applications and harsh environments. The label printer delivers superior print quality and reliability. It boosts productivity with faster print and connection speeds, and reduces downtime with early warning.

We then matched the hardware with the right quality of labels and ribbons.

 The Outcome: 

ADC Barcode was quick to grasp the requirements of this manufacturer and absorb the underlying issues of quality that is inherent in the pharma manufacturing process. ADC Barcode’s expertise in this area meant we were able to advise on the best printing solutions that would adhere to the quality, accuracy and compatibility issues outlined.

A detailed understanding of our products allowed us to educate Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals on their newly acquired technology.


Full onsite installation and support was included to ensure ease of integration and continuity for Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.


“When we called ADC Barcode we had no idea what printer would best suit our type of work environment. After chatting with Ciaran he advised us on the best solution for us and integrated the new machine seamlessly. We also have the added bonus of knowing ADC is just a phone call away should we have any problems.”

Brendan, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticlas.