Food Production Printing Solution – Cuisine de France

Cuisine de France is one of Ireland’s largest bakery companies, which manufactures and supplies pastry and part-baked goods to a number of retailers throughout Ireland.

Cuisine de France is owned and ran by Aryzta Foods Solutions, a Swiss food company that operates throughout the world.

Requirement: Upgraded Printing Solution

Cuisine de France approached ADC Barcode because they needed to upgrade their printing solution, by replacing all their existing hardware.

They were using the Intermec PF4i label printers – that had been installed over 8 years ago. As such they were beginning to fail and as they were end of life (EOL) it had become harder and more expensive to source replacement parts.

Cuisine de France produces high volumes of food products everyday in a factory setting, so it was important that the new solution adhered to the following specifications:

  • Rugged and durable enough to withstand a busy food manufacturing plant;
  • Compact enough so as to not take up to much space;
  • Print high volumes of labels at a single point, but not compromise on speed or print quality;
  • Be able to easily integrate with the backend system installed;
  • Limit the amount of production downtime during the installation process;
  • Print thermal transfer labels;
  • Have an internal print server;
  • Have internal rewinders.

The Solution: Printing Solution for High Volume Food Production Environment

ADC started off with a software evaluation to ensure the hardware we installed would be compatible. Cuisine de France was using a SAP software solution. This is software that our engineers would be very familiar with so we were able to determine what printers would be most suitable.

ADC recommended the Zebra ZT410 printers. As part of Zebra’s latest mid-range industrial ZT400 series, these printers are highly durable and efficiently designed to withstand years of performance in a high-volume printing environment.

The ZT400 range was constructed using an all-metal frame and a bi-fold door, which means it is compact enough to fit into a space constrained environment yet still rugged enough to suit a fast paced factory environment.

With high resolution printing capabilities, the ZT410 ensures a high-quality output of labels every time. The models supplied also came with internal rewinders and internal print servers.

Zebra ZT410

The ZT400 range offer multiple connectivity options, including standard USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth capabilities. Featuring Zebra’s Link-OS environment — an innovative operating system combining a powerful Multiplatform Software Development Kit (SDK) and software applications—ZT400 Series printers are easy to integrate, manage and maintain from any location around the globe. All of these connectivity options allow for a simpler integration and quicker updates.

Project Manager, Robbie Sutton said “When operating such a large food manufacturing plant it is vitally important that we can depend on our all our machinery to function at the highest level. Having just one printer fail can set the operation back significantly. The new solution gives us a peace of mind that we didn’t have before and with the service contract we know that ADC are on hand if we run into any problems.”

The Outcome: Efficient Printing in a Challenging Environment

Cuisine de France’s adoption of the Zebra ZT410 range of printers has significantly helped them improve efficiency and productivity. Replacing the older printers with smarter, faster, and more efficient machines has notably reduced the amount of production downtime in the factory.

Project Manager, Robbie Sutton said “It was crucial that the solution ADC offered would limit the amount of downtime not only during production but also at the installation stage. Having ADC’s ZASP engineers (Zebra Authorised Service Providers) onsite throughout the entire installation and training process really made the transition from the old to new solution so easy and manageable.”

The Support: SAP Software Integrated Printing

ADC Barcode engineers were onsite to perform the installations of all 8 printers, as well as the integration with the SAP software.

Cuisine de France then opted to have a rolling service contract with ADC. This ensures that if there were ever any issues an engineer would go onsite and complete the repairs – with a response time of 8 hours. A service contract also provides two preventative maintenance visits per year, 24 hour tech support and an 8 hour response time

SAP Software Integrated Printing

The Benefits:


  • With demanding workloads it is crucial that your printing solution is reliable;

Easy to operate:

  • This limits time spent training staff;

Enabling growth:

  • The ZT400 range of printers is flexible enough to grow with your business – this allows the business to grow as opportunities present themselves without needing to upgrade any hardware.