Field Engineer Mobile Printing Solution – PestGuard Case Study


PestGuard is Ireland’s largest pest control service company and as such it operates at the forefront of expert, efficient and cost effective pest management. They provide a full range of Pest Control Washroom and Environmental Services.

PestGuard have achieved their current standing as a market leader through a dedication to providing their customers with the most professional service within the industry.

The Requirement: Field Engineer Mobile Printing Solution

PestGuard approached ADC Barcode because as the business grew they needed to implement a mobile printing solution that would allow their field engineers to print service reports at the point of service, while enabling them to share data and documents with head office.

They had a requirement for 20 mobile printers that needed to be installed in their work vans. It was also important that the device would integrate with their in-house software.

Mobile Printing Solution

The Solution: Integrated Mobile Printers

ADC Barcode started off with a software evaluation. The software PestGuard was using was created in-house. Their system is run from an app that is installed on the engineers’ phones. Once a service report is printed, the software sends an email containing the file back to head office where all dockets are stored on the server and within the cloud.

Once ADC understood the function of their software, we were able to determine what mobile printers would be the best solution. ADC recommended the integration of Brother’s PJ range of mobile printers as they would easily integrate with the software and they print A4 size, are potable and can be mounted in a vehicle.

Director Thomas O’Toole said “When ADC introduced us to Brother’s PJ range of mobile printers we were impressed with their compact size as well as their durability. They stand up to the wear and tear of a mobile workforce and the ease of use allows us to quickly train new engineers on how to use them.”

The Outcome:

PestGuards adoption of the Brother PJ range of mobile printers combined with their bespoke software has helped the company improve efficiency and customer service. Replacing the previous system with an accurate, efficient and modern mobile technology has boosted service levels while saving time and money.

Director Thomas O’Toole“As Ireland’s largest pest control service company, efficiency and accountability are hugely important aspects of our business. With such a large customer base it is vital that we track all service reports, and before this solution our engineers were writing out paper dockets and physically returning them to the office. The new system saves thousands of man hours a year, which gives us more time to focus on our customers and make the most of growth opportunities.”

Integrated Mobile Printers


Full onsite installation and support was included to ensure ease of integration and continuity for PestGuard.

Benefits of the PJ Mobile Printer Solution:

Cost saving:

  • Low set up costs combined with efficiency savings and reduced spend on travel and paper

Improved service levels:

  • Accurate reporting, and file sharing means workers are more efficient and customers are happier

Enabling growth:

  • The scalable system can easily grow with the company, allowing it to expand as opportunities present themselves