Document and File Storage

Document and File Storage was established in 2004 with a goal to create success for their clients by helping them manage their information effectively.

They have succeeded with that goal and now provide full records management services including storage of physical documents, retrievals, document destruction and scanning, to a range of clients. They work with both public and private sector organisations to manage confidential information securely and provide access to same when required.

Requirement – Barcode Label Printers:

Document and File Storage first contacted ADC Barcode in 2012 because as their business and customer base was growing it became apparent that they needed to have a barcode label system implemented in order to track files and document boxes that were stored in their warehouse.

As Document and File Storage had thousands of boxes under management they needed this solution to meet the following criteria:

  • An easy but effective label printer solution;
  • Durable labels that maintain both legibility and adhesive quality for long periods of time;
  • A cost-effective solution as they would need to order upwards of 100,000 labels per year;
  • Reliable high-quality ribbon that would maintain print over long periods of time;
  • A scanning solution that would allow deliveries and collections to be tracked;
  • A clear audit trail that informs customers when documents are in and out of storage;
  • A scalable solution that would grow with the business.

The Solution – Integrated Label Printing and Scanning Solution:

ADC Barcode completed an on-site evaluation to review the current system that Document and File Storage had in place. Once we had determined the exact needs of the company we developed a barcode labelling solution that would meet all their needs. This consisted of an industrial Zebra label printer, a rugged barcode scanner, the associated label design software, and labels and ribbons.

Operation Director, Paul McEntagart said “The barcode labels supplied by ADC Barcode have proved highly durable, maintaining legibility and adhesive quality for years. This is vital in our industry, where a misplaced item or illegible label could have major data protection implications. They are easy to affix, and even our clients have commented positively on the labels. The printer and scanner have proven easy-to-use for all the team as well.”

The Outcome:

The barcode printing solution proved effective, efficient and easy to use, the labels and ribbons are manufactured to the highest quality and have proved both durable and long-lasting. The barcode scanning side of things has allowed Document and File Storage to track deliveries and collections, and has given clients a clear audit trail to know when documents are in and out of storage. This gives both the staff and clients of Document and File Storage peace of mind.

Since 2012 Document and File Storage has grown, as has the volume of documents that they currently have in storage. Today, they have approximately 80,000 boxes under management, and all of them are tracked using the barcode label printers.

Operation Director, Paul McEntagart said “We have used ADC Barcode’s barcode labelling solution since 2012, to track and manage items. The barcode solution has been used in highly demanding warehouse environments, where boxes and files are frequently transported to meet our clients’ needs.”

The Support:

Following on from implementing and installing this solution, ADC has been on hand to offer technical support whenever it is needed by Document and File Storage.

Operation Director, Paul McEntagart said “The standard of service provided by ADC is also extremely high. Any issues have been dealt with quickly and efficiently while deliveries of new supplies are also reliable. We have found the team at ADC very easy and pleasant to deal with too, and have no hesitation in recommending the company to anyone seeking a reliable solution provider.”

Enabling Growth:

The solution has also enabled business growth. Barcode tracking of items was vital to Document and File Storage securing an ISO 9001 quality certification (incorporating ISO 15489 for records management), and ISO 27001 for information security. This certification sets them apart from many operators in their industry and allows them to compete successfully with large multinational firms.

Operation Director, Paul McEntagart said “ADC Barcode’s solution has proved easily scalable, making the growth of the business a lot easier to manage.”

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