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We are an Irish-owned technology company, involved in the supply of barcode scanners, demand label printing, custom software and the manufacture of consumables. We are the trusted barcoding and labelling supplier for top companies in the technology, pharmaceutical and FMCG industries, in Ireland and abroad.

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Order Processing & Point of Sale Solutions

Technology and software advancements are revolutionising how hospitality and leisure businesses handle orders, reservations, and payments, whether online or onsite. The shift towards digital and contactless interactions is gaining momentum, with EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems and order management technologies offering more interactive experiences. These solutions allow customers to place orders and settle bills electronically, enhancing convenience and efficiency. Whether it’s stationary EPOS systems, contactless payment options, or mobile ordering platforms, we’re here to collaborate with you to find the most suitable solution for your business.

Discover our tailored EPOS solutions for restaurants, pubs, and cafes, as well as our specialised EPOS systems designed for hotels.

Customer Experience

Our advanced technology and software solutions are designed to help hospitality and leisure businesses deliver a personalised guest experience that distinguishes you from your competitors. By enhancing every interaction point, you can offer exceptional service that boosts customer loyalty.

Incorporate a loyalty programme that rewards returning customers by integrating your EPOS system with card printers and barcode scanners. Enhance safety and satisfaction for both customers and staff with contactless ordering and check-in via interactive screens and self-service kiosks. Moreover, utilising augmented reality through smartphones, tablets, and headsets can provide a unique and personalised experience for guests in hotels and entertainment venues, adding a cutting-edge touch to your hospitality offerings.

Inventory & Asset Control Solutions

Real-time tracking of inventory and assets is crucial for the efficiency and success of any hospitality or leisure business. By implementing our recommended technology and software solutions, you can eliminate manual tracking methods, streamlining processes and freeing your staff to concentrate on providing the exceptional customer service that defines the industry.

Utilise RFID technology to mitigate the theft of valuable items, tailor experiences to individual customers, and minimise waste. Employ RFID cards and readers for door locks to enhance security while offering a contactless, user-friendly option for both guests and staff. Discover strategies to refine your supply chain for eco-friendly inventory management through software that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. Additionally, maintain accurate records of your inventory with RFID card printers, mobile computers, and handheld barcode scanners, ensuring you can always meet your customers’ needs effectively.

Food Safety Solutions

Streamlining food safety protocols with automation in your food and beverage department is crucial for both ensuring customer satisfaction and mitigating the risks of food-borne illnesses, key to the prosperity of your hospitality or leisure venture.

Utilise our advanced label and card printers, compatible with specialised food product label design software, to provide comprehensive ingredient information and comply with regulations. By equipping your staff with mobile computers and temperature monitoring devices, you can proactively manage food safety at every critical point, from receiving deliveries to the moment dishes are served to guests, ensuring top-notch quality and safety.

Adopt a digital food safety management system, based on HACCP guidelines, with our recommended software, touch-screen computers, and rugged tablets. This system will help you adhere to legal standards, conduct thorough risk assessments, maintain daily food safety logs, and assign specific tasks efficiently. Our rugged touch-screen devices are built to endure the demanding environment of food service, resisting spills and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliability and durability in your operations.

Workforce Management Technology

Enable your hospitality team to maintain seamless and immediate communication with advanced communication hardware and software solutions. This connectivity is crucial, whether they are managing drive-through orders or coordinating hotel room services, as it allows mobile workers to interact and collaborate effectively and efficiently.

By providing your staff with mobile computers equipped with push-to-talk and voiceover IP capabilities, you empower them to achieve service excellence through swift and effective response capabilities. Durable, wireless headsets facilitate uninterrupted communication between front-of-house and back-of-house teams, enhancing coordination and service delivery. Furthermore, integrating task management software on mobile computers fosters clear, dependable communication and provides access to real-time information, supporting informed decision-making. Additionally, ensure the safety and hygiene of your staff by using UV trace boxes to sanitise shared mobile devices, effectively preventing the spread of viruses.

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