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We are an Irish-owned technology company, involved in the supply of barcode scanners, demand label printing, custom software and the manufacture of consumables. We are the trusted barcoding and labelling supplier for top companies in the technology, pharmaceutical and FMCG industries, in Ireland and abroad.

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Optimised Real-Time Visibility & Workflow Efficiency

Utilising a specialised software platform for patient flow technology and management solutions, healthcare teams can ensure real-time visibility and optimise workflows. This empowers them to dedicate more time to delivering high-quality care and improving the overall patient pathway.

Our real-time location systems (RTLS) automatically monitor all your equipment, staff, and patients, providing health and care organisations with powerful, enterprise-level visual displays. These systems support improved decision-making in real-time across workflows, assets, and staff and patient locations, regardless of whether you are in finance, data, procurement, engineering, or clinical practice.

For healthcare systems, the adoption of RTLS results in enhanced operational efficiency and patient safety, ensures compliance, and reduces waste and expenditure, ultimately leading to more streamlined healthcare delivery.

Asset Management

By providing cutting-edge RFID scanner technology, we assist the pharmaceutical industry in managing assets more effectively, from production to point-of-sale or dispensation. Our technology plays a critical role in minimising medication errors and enhancing traceability while improving the management of recalls. These scanners ensure accurate patient medication records by verifying that the right drugs are administered to the right patients, an essential factor in an industry where errors can have serious human and financial repercussions.

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to advance, the versatility and comprehensive application of our RFID scanners are crucial for developing operational strategies that are not only effective and efficient but also innovative. Equip your business with our advanced scanning solutions to stay ahead in the competitive industrial landscape. Explore our range of RFID scanners today to ensure your pharmaceutical operations are as streamlined and productive as possible.

Secure Patient Identification Systems

Our reliable devices play a crucial role in healthcare settings, ensuring that all treatments and medications are administered correctly. They support positive patient identification and streamline processes from specimen collection to electronic prescribing and medicines administration (EPMA). Additionally, our technology enhances laboratory and pharmacy management while providing essential hospital bracelets and ID wristbands to maintain patient safety and accuracy throughout their care.

Mobile Solutions

Our healthcare technology solutions are designed to provide care wherever the day may take you. Frontline health professionals, including nurses, often lose valuable time managing workflow issues away from the point of care. Our systems allow clinicians to instantly connect with colleagues and access patient data, significantly increasing the time available for patient assessment and treatment.

We focus on enhancing mobility in healthcare through improved communication and collaboration, efficient data management and collection, and optimising workflow efficiency. These integrated solutions ensure that healthcare providers can deliver the highest standard of care seamlessly and efficiently.

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