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We are an Irish-owned technology company, involved in the supply of barcode scanners, demand label printing, custom software and the manufacture of consumables. We are the trusted barcoding and labelling supplier for top companies in the technology, pharmaceutical and FMCG industries, in Ireland and abroad.

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Educational Technology Innovations

Our innovative technology hardware and software solutions are designed to foster world-class education and training. By incorporating technology and devices into the classroom, we enhance student engagement and achievement while creating efficient environments that allow educators to concentrate on teaching.

With Chromebooks and tablets designed for school use, and Galaxy Book laptops tailored for students and teachers, our solutions support collaborative and flexible learning from any location. They come equipped with advanced accessibility and security features to enhance classroom interaction and protect user data.

Empower students to take an active role in their learning through the design, development, and implementation of their projects, using the finest 3D printers available for educational institutions. Additionally, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and data analytics can transform the management of university and college facilities, offering automatic, real-time responses to student activities.

Cloud technology provides a platform for storing, managing, and maintaining information and services remotely over the internet, eliminating the dependency on local hard drives or onsite servers, thus facilitating a more streamlined and accessible learning environment.

Asset Management

Implementing technology in asset management for educational institutions allows educators to focus more on activities that significantly impact student success.

Employ RFID-encoded tags to monitor student movements in real-time and safeguard valuable assets. Utilise barcode scanners to efficiently manage inventories in libraries, laboratories, and ICT classrooms. Secure your assets with smart cabinets, open racks, and bespoke carts. Enhance the security of your tech devices and ensure user safety with our top software recommendations.

ID Card Production Solutions

A paramount responsibility for any educational institution is the protection of its students, staff, and visitors while on premises. Our ID card printing solutions streamline the identification process, enhancing security across your facilities without the need for manual checks.

Utilise our selection of ID card printers and supplies, including plastic cards, colour ribbons, and laminate patches, to produce ID cards directly on-site. Our ID card readers facilitate seamless access across your campus, negating manual data entry. Capture current photos of your students and staff annually with our advanced webcams. Customise your ID cards to reflect your institution’s branding with our specialised ID card printing software. Provide ID card holders and lanyards to enable quick and easy identification for everyone on campus. Should your institution lack the resources or personnel for in-house printing, our efficient print bureau is available to assist.

Catering Solutions

Whether it’s stationary EPOS systems, portable sales points, or labelling technologies, we collaborate with you to tailor a solution that optimally serves your school’s dining services, uniform stores, gyms, and theaters.

Our EPOS systems offer a unified platform to oversee finances, stock, and personnel. Fingerprint scanners simplify the process for students to recharge their accounts and purchase meals. Our label printing solutions enable on-site production of food labels that comply with regulations, such as those outlined in Natasha’s Law. Learn more about how these solutions can enhance your institution’s operations.

Compliance Management Tools

Officials responsible for security and parking at any campus can gain advantages from using electronic citation (e-citation) systems over the traditional method of manually writing citations, which can be slow and cumbersome. With e-citation solutions, issuing tickets for traffic, parking, permit violations, or other offences can be done quickly, enhancing productivity and optimising revenue generation.

Utilising handheld devices, officers can input citation information into a system that automates the process, allowing them to minimise the time spent outside their vehicles in potentially risky situations. These software solutions also enable the integration of citation data with student records, facilitating the follow-up process for payment collections. To achieve a comprehensive e-citation setup, it’s recommended to include rugged tablets and portable printers.

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