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Desktop Label Printer Facts you Need to Know

Desktop Label Printer Facts you Need to Know

Following on from our guide to industrial printers, today we will discuss a desktop label printer.

What is a desktop label printer?

A desktop label printer is designed for small scale printing applications. They are compact, cost effective and easy to use. These printers tend to be the most economical and as they are small they can easily fit on a desk or counter, making them perfect in an office or retail environment. These printers tend to have a smaller media capacity but can still print quality labels, at high speeds.

How do I know if a desktop printer is right for my application?

When shopping for a printer it is not one size fits all. It is important to be aware of all of your options and your needs before making a purchase. When a client comes to us, unsure about what printer class they need, we assess their needs based on the below four questions.

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1. Where are you printing?

Desktop printers are typically fairly small as they are designed to fit and operate in small tight areas where space is limited. We would recommend using a desktop printer in a relatively protected environment. It shouldn’t be in a manufacturing plant where it could be at risk for being knocked or in an area where it is at risk for debris or water damage. The ideal location for a desktop printer is in on office, in a shop, or even in a healthcare facility like a hospital or clinic.

2. How much are you printing?

Desktop printers should only be used if you are printing less than 800 labels per week. They do not have the capacity for high volume printing. If you are printing more than 800 labels per week we would recommend a higher class of printer.

3. How important is printing?

Although desktop printers are reliable, and have come a long way in the last few years, if you work in an industry that is reliant on labels for production then a desktop printer would not be the right solution for your business. If a broken printer means you cannot get out orders, or cannot manufacture at all then you will need a higher class label printer.

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4. What size labels are you printing?

Desktop printers are fairly compact which means that the print width can be restricted. If you need to print labels that are over 4” wide then a desktop printer would not work for you. It is also worth noting that desktop printers have a smaller media capacity which means that you may be changing rolls of labels and ribbons more frequently than with a larger printer.

Answering the above questions can clarify whether or not a desktop printer would work for your company. As reliable and as good as the print quality is, we find that they work best when printing small quantities in a safe and protected environment.

If you have any questions about a desktop label printer, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts here.

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