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Industry Spotlight: Warehousing Solutions with ADC Barcode


At ADC Barcode, we understand that the backbone of a successful warehousing operation lies in its efficiency and accuracy. With over three decades of expertise in providing top-tier barcoding and labelling solutions, we are your go-to experts for enhancing your warehouse management systems (WMS). Here’s how our cutting-edge technology can revolutionise your warehousing operations, featuring […]

Barcode Scanners: Solutions for Every Industry

Barcode Scanners

In an increasingly digitalised world, the need for efficient data management spans across various sectors. Barcode scanners have emerged as a versatile tool to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and save time irrespective of the industry. Whether it’s for tracking inventory in a warehouse, streamlining production processes in manufacturing, ensuring precision in pharmaceuticals, managing logistics, boosting […]

What is a Barcode Label Verifier?

Barcode Label Verifier Perceptor IoT

Across various industries, product manufacturers grapple with the challenge of encapsulating essential information onto labels, from dosage instructions to ingredient lists, potential side effects, and usage warnings. The precision required in these labels is non-negotiable, with even a minuscule error potentially leading to market withdrawal and reputational damage. Whether in the realms of pharmaceuticals, food […]

Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner for Your Business Needs


The role of barcode scanners is pivotal in today’s dynamic business world, influencing efficiency across diverse operations. From retail to logistics, healthcare to manufacturing, these devices seamlessly integrate into workflows, boosting accuracy and speed. As businesses navigate the options, choosing the right barcode scanner has become a critical decision. This guide aims to be your […]

Guide to Purchasing Barcode Scanners – What to know

Guide to Purchasing Barcode Scanners – What to know Following on from last week’s blog, we are still talking all things barcodes. This week we will be discussing barcode scanners (or barcode readers as they are sometimes called). As consumers, we see barcodes used all the time: purchasing from a retail store, attending ticketed events, […]