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Steps to Flawless Fulfilment Guide Part 2

Step 5 – Upgrade inbound handling operations Receiving and sortation points of pain The paper chase Pen-and-paper and other manual and fragmented processes of technology lead to lost time, reduced precision, decreased productivity and lower ROI. Poor visibility Slow and incorrect receiving and put-away are obstacles to visibility and control of inventories in real-time, as […]

Steps to Flawless Fulfilment Guide Part 1

  Your warehouse is a complicated, multi-faceted main hub through which nearly everything goes from crude materials holding back to be made into completed merchandise to the finished product, waiting for dispatch to a distribution centre, retailer or end-customer. But there is something even more significant in today’s extremely competitive market that depends on more […]

Barcode laser scanners vs 2d imagers for barcode scanning

While other barcode scanning technologies exist, laser-based decoders and 2D barcode imagers are probably the most popular today. The following guide will help you decide which sort of technology might be best for your application. An overview of Technology Barcode laser scanners These laser scanners have been around for centuries. Compared to other kinds, barcode […]

Everything you should know about Barcoding

A barcode is a visual, machine-readable representation of information; generally defines something about the object carrying the barcode. By varying the widths and spacing of parallel lines, traditional barcodes systematically represent data and can be referred to as linear or one-dimensional (1D). Later, two-dimensional (2D) versions were created using rectangles, dots, hexagons and other geometric […]

Why Move Towards Android

Join the rapidly growing mobility network The new era provides tremendous possibilities for enhanced profitability, productivity and precision in mobile computing. The world’s most famous, dominant, mobile OS is rapidly becoming the business solution of choice for its efficiency, convenience, information security and cost-effectiveness.  This is where Zebra comes into the picture. Zebra can guide […]

Product Spotlight: Parcelcube Dimensioning System

This month we are shining the spotlight on the Parcelcube Dimensioning System. How Does A Dimensioning System Work? Simply place a parcel on the scale. Press a button or read a barcode and Parcelcube will capture the dimensions and weight of the parcel. Data is captured in less than one second – accurately and efficiently. […]

Product Spotlight: ALTech Applicator

This month we are shining the spotlight on the ALTech label applicator. What is a Label Applicator? Label applicators are essentially robots that automatically print and apply pressure sensitive labels to various products. Basic label printer applicators consist of three primary parts: a printer, or print engine, an applicator and a method to handle label and […]

What is Zebra Print DNA?

There are three kinds of Zebra DNA: Zebra Mobility DNA, Zebra Data Capture DNA and Zebra Print DNA. Zebra DNA is the genetic code that differentiates Zebra products. At its core it is a unique ecosystem of highly intelligent software, utilities and apps that were designed to achieve three things: Better performance and productivity Ease […]

Battle of the Labels: Off the Shelf VS Bespoke Manufactured

Here at ADC we are a leading label manufacturer and supplier. We also stock and sell a really large selection of off the shelf labels. The manufacturing and supply of barcode labels is such a large portion of our core business and as such we know how crucial they can be to many operations. And as […]