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3 Ways to Find the Best Mobile Printer for your Business

3 Ways to Find the Best Mobile Printer for your Business

Continuing on with our label printer series, this week we are discussing portable mobile printers.

What are mobile printers?

Mobile printers are small portable printers that the user can carry around with them. It allows workers to print materials on demand and on the spot with no need to go back and forth to a stationary printing device.

Mobile printers are typically used in conjunction with handheld, wearable, or mountable computers. The printer receives commands from the mobile computer, smart phone or tablet through either a cabled or a wireless connection using short range Bluetooth technology. The operator can use the mobile device to generate transaction information and print jobs or receive tasks pushed down directly from the wireless network.

Modern mobile printers deliver high-quality barcode and RFID labels, receipts, invoices and tickets, and receive print jobs through a wireless network.

How do I know if I need a mobile printer?

When a client comes to us, unsure about what printer class they need, we assess their needs based on the below three questions.

1. What are you printing?

A mobile printing solution can be implemented in many industries, but it is important to consider what you are printing before making the switch from a stationary printer. Labels that are large, have a detailed printer, or are made of specialist material, may not be compatible with mobile printers.

Mobile printers work best for shipping and receiving labels, putaway, cross-docking, work-in-process (WIP) tracking, and picking and sorting. Retailers can use mobile printers to track inventory with barcode and RFID labels, from the pallet, case, or package to the item level. This includes shelf-edge labelling and price management, returns labelling, mobile point-of-sale

They are also perfect for the healthcare industry. Medical staff can label medical specimens at the patient bedside. Hospitality and service industries use mobile printers to speed ticket processing, guest and passenger check-in, and tableside and curb side transactions, as well as on the spot delivery confirmation and proof of service receipts.

2. Where are you printing?

Is your warehouse or production plant particularly large? If so, a mobile printering solution could be extremely beneficial to your company. Stationary printers have to remain in the one location at all times, so this solution is impractical for a sizable plant with workers having to walk back and forth to the printer all day. Using mobile printers allows workers to print on the spot which means endless back and forth’s to the printer are unnecessary. This saves users a little time on each transaction to provide significant productivity gains and labour savings

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3. Do you want to go wireless?

Using wireless technology for cable replacement improves ergonomics and productivity. Eliminating cables that connect printers to handheld computers helps reduce the risk of tangles and falls. Wireless also improves system reliability, eliminating the chance for cables and pin connectors to break. This is a tremendous advantage in field service and route accounting applications, where users are often miles away from headquarters and lack immediate access to replacement cables and connectors.

Answering the above questions can clarify whether or not a mobile printing solution would work for your company.

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