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Direct Thermal and Transfer Printing

People are often confused about the distinctions between direct thermal printers and label printers for thermal transfer, and which type best fits their requirements. Here is all you need to know about these two printing methods. Firstly, each technique utilizes a thermal print head that applies heat to the marked surface. Thermal transfer printing requires […]

Steps to Flawless Fulfilment Guide Part 2

Step 5 – Upgrade inbound handling operations Receiving and sortation points of pain The paper chase Pen-and-paper and other manual and fragmented processes of technology lead to lost time, reduced precision, decreased productivity and lower ROI. Poor visibility Slow and incorrect receiving and put-away are obstacles to visibility and control of inventories in real-time, as […]

Steps to Flawless Fulfilment Guide Part 1

Your warehouse is a complicated, multi-faceted main hub through which nearly everything goes from crude materials holding back to be made into completed merchandise to the finished product, waiting for dispatch to a distribution centre, retailer or end-customer. But there is something even more significant in today’s extremely competitive market that depends on more effective […]