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Barcode laser scanners vs 2d imagers for barcode scanning

While other barcode scanning technologies exist, laser-based decoders and 2D barcode imagers are probably the most popular today. The following guide will help you decide which sort of technology might be best for your application. An overview of Technology Barcode laser scanners These laser scanners have been around for centuries. Compared to other kinds, barcode […]

Everything you should know about Barcoding


A barcode is a visual, machine-readable representation of information; generally defines something about the object carrying the barcode. By varying the widths and spacing of parallel lines, traditional barcodes systematically represent data and can be referred to as linear or one-dimensional (1D). Later, two-dimensional (2D) versions were created using rectangles, dots, hexagons and other geometric […]

Why Move Towards Android

Join the rapidly growing mobility network The new era provides tremendous possibilities for enhanced profitability, productivity and precision in mobile computing. The world’s most famous, dominant, mobile OS is rapidly becoming the business solution of choice for its efficiency, convenience, information security and cost-effectiveness.  This is where Zebra comes into the picture. Zebra can guide […]