Product Spotlight: Parcelcube Dimensioning System


This month we are shining the spotlight on the Parcelcube Dimensioning System.

How Does A Dimensioning System Work?

Simply place a parcel on the scale. Press a button or read a barcode and Parcelcube will capture the dimensions and weight of the parcel. Data is captured in less than one second – accurately and efficiently.

Where Can It Be Used?

  • Inbound Logistics – Collect dimensions and weights from products in stock.
  • Outbound Logistics – Small and large shipping operations in warehouses or DC.
  • POS Desks & Couriers – At point of sales desks.
  • Pharmacueticals
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing

Why Parcelcube?

  • Accurate and efficient
  • Reliable and fast (data captured in less than one second)
  • 5 minute set up
  • User-friendly PC interface
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce costly manual data entry and errors
  • Simply click to capture and/or transfer data
  • Priced right, even for small companies

PC Software Features

  • Imperial and metric units
  • Communication
    • Real-time data transfer (API) as standard
    • Offline .csv file
    • Copy F9: Click to transfer data to third party without IT integration > easily configure order of data output (dimensions X-Y-Z and weight)
  • Item counting and stacking
  • 7 user-defined values for data entry
  • High/low resolution; 1mm, 3mm or 1cm
  • Auto calibration
  • Camera feature

User-friendly PC Interface

The Parcelcube unit includes as standard user-friendly PC software. A guided installation takes less than two minutes. The PC interface (software) has all the features required for inbound, outbound and POS desk operations.


The Parcelcube dimensioning systems require no expensive onsite calibration or maintenance, as 95% of maintenance and support is done remotely by our technical team. In the event of mechanical damage, we normally guide a local electrician to change the part, cost-efficient and easy! A calibration cube is supplied, and the operator can easily calibrate the scale in less than a minute.



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