Product Spotlight: ALTech Applicator

ALstep - Economical Label Applicator

This month we are shining the spotlight on the ALTech label applicator.

What is a Label Applicator?

Label applicators are essentially robots that automatically print and apply pressure sensitive labels to various products.

Basic label printer applicators consist of three primary parts: a printer, or print engine, an applicator and a method to handle label and ribbons, referred to as media.

What Industries Benefit from Label Application Solutions?

The main industries, in which we supply and support label application solutions are:

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Food Production
  • The Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Logistics

About ALTech

ALTech is a world leading manufacturer of high quality self adhesive labelling machinery. They are dedicated specialists and one of the largest manufacturers of labelling systems. ALTech have a range of label applicators designed for every industry from the pharmaceutical industry to the food industry.

They heavily invest in the design and development of their machines, and they ensure that the finished kit is always at the very top of the market. They have three varieties of machines, so there is one to suit any application.

ALstep Economical Label Applicator

The ALstep is a compact sized and low cost label applicator for self-adhesive labels, which can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines with a label application tolerance of better than +/- 1mm.

ALstep is based on a robust, reliable mechanical structure which can be orientated in any rotation. It can be fitted into particularly restricted areas and thanks to side access web threading, allows a fast, easy label change over.

ALstep comes in two size versions – S or M – for label widths up to 100mm and 200 mm respectively. Its maximum label dispensing speed is as high as 30m/min. (20m/min in the M version). A powerful stepper motor and accurate label web tension control makes this possible.

Designed in a modular manor, ALstep includes a comprehensive selection of application options to solve even the most complex label application requirements.

Key Features:

  • Compact, low cost ‘work horse’ label applicator
  • Economy ‘E’ series (15m/min max), & performing ‘S’series (30m/min max)
  • 100mm/200mm max label width variants (100mm E)
  • Modular design with comprehensive array of application systems for almost any application
  • Possibility to add in-line TT print engine (ALstep T) even once the machine has been installed

ALritma Performance Label Applicator

ALritma is a high performance self-adhesive label applicator for labelling applications where production speed and placement accuracy are primary needs. It offers a label application speed of up to 40m/min (or up to 500 products per min dependent on label size and pitch) and a placement accuracy of better than +/- 1mm.

ALritma’s IP55 rated innovative mechanical structure can be orientated in any rotation and is ultra robust, suitable for business critical applications in even the harshest industrial environments.

Three versions (S,M and L) are available. Corresponding to label leading edge widths up to 100, 200 and 300 mm respectively. A separate mounted multi language touch screen controls this machinery. This has a host of advanced functions for even the most demanding labelling applications.

Designed in a modular manor, ALritma includes a comprehensive selection of application options to solve even the most complex label application requirements.

ALritma’s powerful microprocessor controller provides the user with all the most common adjustment functions in one simple main screen. This considerably simplifies and speeds up product changeovers.

Key Features:

  • High performance machine with touch screen controller
  • Up to 40m/min max application speed (or more than 350 labels p/min dependent on label size & placement pitch)
  • 100mm (S), 200mm (M) & 300mm (L) label width options
  • Modular design with comprehensive array of application systems for almost any application
  • Possibility to retrofit TT print engine (ALritma T)
  • Advanced functions – ‘sensor inhibit’ & ‘multi-label’

ALritma X Ultra High Performance Label Applicator

Capable of speeds of up to 90 linear metres per min (or more than 1,000 labels per minute dependent on size and pitch), with a labelling accuracy even with speed variation of better than +/- 1mm, the ALritma X really is a high performance label applicator in every sense.

Based on the proven ALritma label applicator of which we have manufactured and sold more than 5000 examples, the ALritma X includes for the first time in an ALTech labelling machine, a unique ‘push-pull’ label web drive system, which as the name suggests both pushes and pulls the label web (rather than just pulling the web as per standard label applicators) maintaining perfect web tension for ultra high precision labelling no matter the label size or pitch.

High volume labelling applications, best suits this machinery. The units standard 400mm unwind unit and enlarged rewind system, provide more than double the working time between media changeovers.

Amazingly however, even with this enlarged unwind and rewind label capacity the ALritma X label applicator is actually smaller than the ALritma labelling head on which it is based – making it even easier to integrate in to existing packaging machines or production lines.

ALritma X is IP54 rated for harsh industrial environments and can also be specified without the label web push pull system, for application speeds up to 50m/min, but maintaining the upgraded 400mm (approx 900m vs 300mm/450m) unwind and rewind label reel capacities of the machine making it ideal for example when fitted to our ALline production line machines for extended running.

Key Features:

  • Ultra high performance label applicator for demanding labelling requirements
  • Up to 90m/min application speed (or more than 1,000 labels p/min dependent on label size & placement pitch)
  • 100mm (S) & 200mm (M) model options
  • ‘Push-pull’ label web drive system
  • Enlarged 400mm unwind. Nonstop configurations

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