What is Zebra Print DNA?

Zebra Print DNA

There are three kinds of Zebra DNA: Zebra Mobility DNA, Zebra Data Capture DNA and Zebra Print DNA. Zebra DNA is the genetic code that differentiates Zebra products. At its core it is a unique ecosystem of highly intelligent software, utilities and apps that were designed to achieve three things:

  • Better performance and productivity
  • Ease of integration
  • Simpler deployment and management

In this blog we will be discussing Zebra Print DNA.

What is Zebra Print DNA?

Print DNA is a code that transforms printers with business-catalytic capabilities. The unique combination of innovative Applications, Utilities and Developer Tools produces high performing, remotely manageable printers that are easy to integrate, ensuring Zebra Link-OS printers provide a superior printing experience from the inside.

What are the Benefits of Zebra Print DNA?

Better Performance:

With Zebra Print DNA, printers perform at their peak and learning curves flatten with Zebra’s common, customisable printer UX. Print DNA gives organisations the fastest, most accurate and best performing printers on the market.

Simplified Remote Management:

Remote management tools make it simple to deploy large fleets of printers across multiple locations. IT can now maintain, secure and troubleshoot printers from a anywhere, at anytime – freeing up operations to focus on work, rather than printers.

Easier Integrations:

Print DNA enables fast and easy integration into existing infrastructures, with applications that emulate non-Zebra legacy languages, removing the need to rewrite print solutions. This reduces disruptions to operations during printer installations.

The Print DNA Family

Management Tools:

Print DNA Management tools make it simple to manage large fleets of printers from anywhere, easily.There are four main Print DNA Management tools:

  • Profile Management Enterprise – this enables robust, convenient browser-based, anywhere, anytime remote management of Link-OS printers;
  • Bluetooth Printer Management – this provides real-time visibility into the metrics on all Link-OS printers that are connected via Bluetooth to Android handheld devices;
  • Printer Setup Utilities – the free printer setup utilities will simplify setup of your Zebra printer and enhances the out-of-box configuration tasks;
  • Printsecure – this makes it easy to configure your printers to use secure connections, block unwanted access and ensure your data and infrastructure are protected.

Visibility Tools:

Whether you have an exisiting MDM/EMM solution in place or need to add visibility to your printer fleet, Zebra’s visibility tools have you covered:

  • MDM/EMM Connectors – these provide the ability to manage your Link-OS printers with VMWare Airwatch or SOTI MobiControl, popular Enterprise Mobility Management tools;
  • Visibility Services – choose from powerful service option for the business intelligence needed to improve business outcomes. All are available via the cloud for anywhere, anytime secure access to your data.

Productivity Tools:

Reach new levels of productivity with innovations that streamline tasks, optimise device performance and keep you ahead of the curve:

  • Zebra Designer – A family of document design tools that allow you to quickly design a customised print solution;
  • Pairing Solutions – Zebra’s pairing solutions simplify pairing Link-OS printers with mobile devices;
  • Virtual Devices – on-printer applications that allow Link-OS printers to emulate legacy languages normally associated with other printer brands;
  • PDF Direct – Print PDF documents directly from EPR systems, such as Oracle and SAP without middleware;
  • Enterprise Printing Solutions – Printing from Oracle and SAP made easy;
  • Print Station – Print station app enables driverless printing from Android devices.

Development Tools:

Print DNA allows developers to create the most functional and efficient printing solutions. Consequently, making it easier to create unique custom apps:

  • Multiplatform SDK – This delivers all the tools needed for flexible custom solution development across multiple environments and infrastructures;
  • Browser Print – Browser Print Developer Tool makes creating feature-rich, high-impact browser-based applications simple and straightforward;
  • Print Connect – An easy-to-use Link-OS print solution for the Android platform;
  • Cloud Connect – Connect Link-OS printers directly and securely to your cloud-based apps;
  • Network Connect Printer Software – This cuts the cost, complexity and time needed to integrate a printing solution with your PLC.

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