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Axicon 6015

Axicon are an industry leading brand of barcode verifiers. They have developed an extensive range of high performance verifiers. Which admittedly, as a consumer can make it difficult to determine what one would best suit your needs.

The objective of a barcode verifer is to grade and measure all barcodes throughout the supply chain system. Barcode sizes can vary from label to label. With this in mind, Axicon have various verifiers to suit any size. They have three different series of verifiers for conventional, linear barcodes. Two series of verifiers are available to asses 2D or matrix barcodes.

For a more in depth understanding of how barcode verifiers work please read this previous blog that we have published on the topic.

Axicon Barcode Verifers for the Retail Industry

Typically, the barcodes that most, if not all, retaillers use are EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E symbols.The most recommend barcode verifiers for these kinds of barcodes are the Axicon 6015 or the 6515 series. The 6015 series has a maximum width of 66mm while the 6515 series has a maximum width of 25mm. Awkward shaped products would need the 6015 barcode verifer. Curved surfaces require the 6515 due to the head being smaller.

Axicon Barcode Verifiers for the Logistics Industry

The logistics industry predominately uses these verifiers, although they can also be used on outer packaging.There are four main barcodes that are used on outer cases – EAN-13. UPC-A, ITF-14 and GS1-128. Pallet labels mainly use GS-128 barcodes. They are significantly larger that those used at the retail point of sale, with a maximum width of 165.1mm. We would recommend using the 7000 series verifiers , or the 6500 series. Although, the maximum width of the barocde that the 6500 series can verify is 125mm.

Users that need to check all sizes of GS1 barcodes will need two verifers. The 6015 series and a 7015 series. If you don’t need to check symbols wider than 125mm, then the 6515 series will suit you perfectly.

Axicon Barcode Verifiers for Asset Tracking Solutions

The GS1-128 barcode is generally used for location numbers (GLNs) or asset numbers (GIAIs), and typically they will be printerd onto the labels before use. Depending on the width of the barcode we would recommend the 6015 or 6515 series of verifiers.

Axicon Barcode Verifiers for the Pharmaceutical Industry

9 times out of 10 the pharmaceutical industry uses 2D barcodes, for a multitude of purposes. One such purpose if on surgical instruments. Surgical instruments are usually barcoded with GS1 DataMatrix symbols by engraving it onto the metal surface. The metal surface is engraved directly with the barcode. Specifically designed for this application is the Axicon 12800. The angle of incident light can be set to 30º, 45º, or 90º as required.

These GS1 DataMatrix symbols usually encode the GTIN for the product, its expiry date, and its batch number. You may use any of the 12000 series or the 15000 verifier. The largest GS1 DataMatrix symbol determines which verifer from the 12000 series you will need.

The S Versions of the 6015, 6515, and 7015 Verifiers

These verifiers have a continuous scan option. This means an operator can capture multiple reads through the height of the symbol with only one operation.  Move the verifier across the barcode to achieve this. This technique is both easy and quickly learnt.  Consequently, the verification process becomes faster and uses more than the minimum of ten scans that the international standards require.

For more information on barcode verifiers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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