Fundraising for Our Lady’s Care and Hospice Service

This weeks blog post is something significantly different to all that have come before. I won’t be discussing IoT or barcoding solutions, but instead I want to talk about fundraising for a charitable organisation that is very close to my heart – Our Lady’s Care and Hospice Service.

But first a little background..

In December 2015 my maternal grandfather was hospitalised due to pneumonia and was subsequently diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer. After numerous tests his medical team determined that unfortunately treatment wasn’t an option and all they could offer was palliative care. His doctors estimated that he had 3 months left to live.

As you can imagine this hit my family so hard. This was a man who would walk for miles, play endless rounds of golf, swam every week, and was still running rings around my 11 year old brother in the park – especially on the monkey bars. He loved Manchester United, golf, biscuits and most of all his grandchildren. And he was our hero – our very first friend.

Moving to hospice care

It is almost impossible for doctors to accurately predict how long a terminal patient has left, and luckily for us he made it past that initial three month prognosis. But in April 2016 it became clear that he was deteriorating and it was time to move him into full time hospice care.

It’s a scary thought to give complete control of your loved ones care over to a hospice. It’s even scarier entering that building knowing they’re never coming home. It took everything I had to face going there for the first time – I had a fear that it would be overwhelmingly sad and death would be around every corner. For the first time the harsh reality that I was losing my granddad struck me.

While it can be sad, and at times completely devastating, more and more it became a place of comfort. I knew my granddad was safe and cared for. It became his home, and by extension it became our home too. My brother done his homework by his bedside, my nanny chatted to the nurses, my older sister made friends with the patients, while my younger sister made friends with the therapy dogs. We spent summer afternoons in the gardens and had lunches in the canteen. My granddad and my newborn son met for the very first time in the family room.

Highest standard of care

In the end, my granddad spent 6 months in Harold’s Cross Hospice. We got to spend an extra 6 months with him – and he got to meet his first great grandchild. He held on for far longer than doctors predicted and I credit that to the level of care he received.

He received the best medical care he possibly could but it was so much more than that. The staff made him laugh everyday, made sure he ate and drank, brought him the paper, and comforted him in his darkest hours. We were on first name terms with doctors, nurses, care assistants, volunteers, social workers and even security staff. They reassured us that it was OK to go home to rest, answered our numerous and persistent phone calls, and they didn’t mind if we set up camp by his bedside for the night. They celebrated milestones with us and mourned set-backs. When he passed they cried and grieved along side of us.

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate it. And I ask you to bear with me a little longer as my ramblings do actually have a point.


ADC Barcode have decided to fundraise for this exceptional cause. Our Sales Executive Rob Hall, has kindly volunteered to shave his head. Our Production Engineer Dominic has volunteered to dye his hair and our Production Manager Brian Ray and Production Engineer Tom will be getting their legs waxed.

We have set up a GoFundMe page which is now live, so please feel free to donate whatever you can. All of ADC, both the staff and the company are sponsoring Rob and we are hoping to raise €5,000 by the end of March.

Join us on Facebook on Friday the 10rd of March at 9pm where we will be live streaming the event.

About Our Ladies Hospice and Care Services

Our Ladies Hospice and Care Services is a 218 bed hospice providing specialist care for people with a wide range of needs from rehabilitation to end of life care. They provide care to over 1,500 individuals per year, with a staff of over 600 members and almost 300 volunteers. They are there for families throughout the most difficult time of their lives and the commitment they have to their work is exceptional.

The Hospice Services are supported by the public and organisations through donations, fundraising events and bequests. They are committed to spending the funds wisely with patient care being their main priority.

To everyone who donates, I thank you. Your donation is going to such a deserving organisation.

And finally to anyone in Harold’s Cross Hospice, especially in St. Gabriel’s Ward who treated my granddad with such compassion and understanding throughout those 6 months, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.