Demo label printers that we showcased at the Manufacturing Conference

ADC Barcode exhibited at the National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference, in the Citywest Convention Centre, and we brought along some of our most popular barcode label printers to demo.

The event, run by Premier Publishing, brought together over 2,000 key delegates from all over Ireland and across Europe. Delegates included: Senior Management, Technical Executives, Engineers, and Production Managers. These were from industries such as Food, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Medical, Chemical and Electronics Manufacturing and Supply Chain Sectors.

We brought along some of our most popular label printers to showcase on the day. These three particular printers were chosen because they work best in a manufacturing environment. It can be hard to find the correct printer for your application but seeing the printers in action helped decision makers find what was right for their needs.

Demo Label Printers:

We brought three barcode label printers. A desktop printer, a mid range printer, and an industrial printer.

Zebra GK420t

The demo desktop printer we brought was the Zebra GK420t. This thermal transfer printer uses Zebra’s easy ribbon loading thermal transfer technology to produce crisp, long lasting label images, or direct thermal technology to print receipts and labels for indoor, short term use.

We would recommend the GK420t for organisations that require low volume labels. Due to its sleek compact design and fast print speeds it is ideal for healthcare manufacturing plants.

Zebra GK420t

Zebra ZT410

The demo midrange printer that we brought was the Zebra ZT410. This is currently the best mid range industrial printer on the market. Most noteworthy, a mid range printer is that it can grow with the business. It is a significant step up from desktop printers and is closer to an industrial printer than any other mid range available.

The ZT410 is constructed with an all metal frame bi-fold door. This printer delivers advancements in print speed, registration and connectivity as well as additional advanced features. It feature USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth®connectivity along with expanded RFID capabilities. And with Zebra’s Link-OS® environment, an innovative operating system, you can easily integrate, manage and maintain these printers from anywhere in the world.

We would recommend the ZT410 for the warehousing or manufacturing industry. It has the capabilities of printing both large and small labels seamlessly, and it is robust enough to survive on a factory floor.

Zebra 220Xi4

The demo industrial printer we brought was the Zebra 20Xi4. This is a best in class industrial printer design for fast printing of wide label applications. Furthermore, it is a high performance printer that is rugged enough to be trusted in an industrial environment.

20Xi4 barcode printers build on this legacy with faster print speeds, faster 10/100 Ethernet connection speeds, and enhanced early warning systems for reduced downtime. Other advanced and flexible features include a large, easy-to-read front panel for simple setup with optional customisable menu and support for a wider assortment of languages. Integration is easier with a variety of network connectivity options, while ZebraLink™ Solutions provide remote printer management capabilities.

Zebra 220Xi4

We would recommend the Zebra 220Xi4 to medical, chemical or industrial manufacturing plants. They are known for their rugged durability, consistently outstanding print quality. Their fast print speed, long life, and unparalleled reliability in ideal for demanding applications.

What else did we bring?

Next week we will discuss the handheld scanners and mobile computers that we showcased at the National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference.

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