Barcode Scanners that we showcased at the Manufacturing Conference

ADC Barcode exhibited at the National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference, in the Citywest Convention Centre, and we brought along some of our most popular barcode scanners to demo.

We brought along some of our most popular barcode scanners to showcase on the day. These three particular scanners were chosen because they work best in a rugged manufacturing environment. It can be hard to find the correct scanner for your application but seeing these in action helped decision makers find what was right for their needs.

Intermec SR61 XR Barcode Scanner

The Intermec SR61 XR is the first scanner on the market to offer incomparable near/far scanning. This breakthrough
technology allows scanning from contact up to a distance of 50 feet. The laser spot aimer makes targeting simple at any angle, and it reduces “trial and error” scanning which increases productivity.

This barcode scanner is designed to withstand drops from up to 6.5 feet onto various surfaces, hot and cold temperature extremes and all weather conditions. It also offers USB and Bluetooth interfaces.

The unique selling point of this device is definitely the near/far scanning technology. This is especially relevant to large factories as workers can scan targets from 50 feet away without having to move.

Motorola MT2000

The Motorola MT2000 combines the simplicity of a scanner with the intelligence of a mobile computer providing advanced data capture. Like the PowerScan it has 3 connectivity options which suit both on contact and distance scanning.

The rugged design allows the device to perform after being dropped from a height on the hardest of surfaces. It can also withstand  liquids or wide temperature ranges.

The unique selling point of the MT2000 is the ability to view and key in data. This makes working more efficient and it can be done as you work on the floor versus returning to an office.

Datalogic Power Scan 9500

The Datalogic PowerScan is the number 1 selling rugged barcode scanner in Europe. It is available with muti-connectivity options such as USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which is perfect for large facilities.

Due to the rugged nature of this barcode scanner it can operate in the toughest working conditions. Repeated shocks and drops, in wet or dusty situations, consequently do not affect its performance or reliability.

The unique selling point of the PowerScan is the omnidirectional reading capabilities. Furthermore it has industry-leading optical characteristics. Therefore the scanner is able to read any kind of barcode, regardless of orientation, from contact to over 3.3 fee

What else did we bring?

Next week we will discuss the handheld scanners and mobile computers that we showcased at the National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference.

To determine which barcode scanner is right for you, please see our handy guide to purchasing a barcode scanner.