Zebra VC80 Vehicle Mounted Computer

The Zebra VC80, you can give operators in material handling vehicles mobile access to the desktop applications they need to complete tasks faster and more accurately. You get full Windows support in a super rugged design built for your toughest indoor and outdoor environments — from warehouses and distribution centers to airports, seaports, railway yards and more — plus the fastest wireless connections available to keep workers connected to your data and business applications. And with its compact design and flexible mounting options, it’s easy to install in forklifts, clamp trucks, yard mules, cranes and more. The VC80 — real desktop power for your material handling vehicles.

The extremely robust VC80 can be easily installed on clamp trucks, forklifts, cranes and yard mules and can be used in the harshest outdoor and indoor environments including warehouses, distribution centres, seaports, airports and railway yards. Distributors, manufacturers, plus transport and logistics companies can use the wireless capabilities of the VC80 to connect seamlessly with the host system even when roaming, making it an ideal solution for applications such as picking, receiving, packing, shipping, replenishment and cross docking. This combination of features enables companies to more effectively and efficiently run their operations by facilitating the connection between mobile workers and back-end systems, which, in turn, provides full visibility to floor operations.