Wasp WPS150

Omni-Directional Laser Barcode Scanner

The WPS150 Omni-Directional Laser POS Barcode Scanner is the ideal laser scanner for Point-of-Sale (POS) retail applications. Featuring a 20-line omni-directional laser scan pattern, this POS barcode scanner delivers exceptionally high-speed and accurate barcode reads for rapid customer POS check out.


  • High-performance, 20-line rastering omni directional scan pattern for increased productivity for novice and expert users
  • Single-line scan pattern allows reading of barcode menus and pick lists
  • Universal cables allow for easy replacement and host switching
  • Small footprint design enables easy installation into tight spaces
  • Adjustable, multi-mount stand optimizes the operator’s efficiency
  • Built-in shock absorption protects the scanner in high-impact areas
  • Includes Flash memory that allows for easy customization and updates
  • Capable of scanning barcodes up to 6.5 inches wide and up to 8.5 inches away
  • Fast, accurate entry of barcode data into DOS, Windows 9x, 2000, ME, XP or NT applications
  • Hands-free auto-scan feature
  • Easily installs on a PC via a USB port&no software or power supply required
  • Supports preamble and postamble characters