Socket Bluetooth CHS 7P

Cordless Hand Scanner 7P has a rugged casing that is dust, water and shock resistant and can sustain multiple drops from 5 feet

Socket Bluetooth CHS 7P enables intensive or heavy duty barcode scanning with its high performance long-range laser technology in a pocket-size and lightweight form factor. Its integrated long-range Bluetooth and extra durable case enables wireless barcode scanning indoor or outdoor making the CHS 7P an excellent barcode scanner for the mobile workforce. With its ergonomic design and long battery life, the CHS 7P can be used over extended periods on a single charge.


  • Ideal for moderate to intensive (thousands of barcodes per day) indoor barcode scanning, up to 45 (114cm) away. 
  • Class 2 laser technology: Easily reads all 1D and stacked barcodes (including ISBN book and VIN numbers), even if they are worn or damaged. 
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection up to 330ft (100m). 
  • Easily connects with any Bluetooth enabled mobile device (ie tablet, smartphone) or desktop/laptop computers.   
  • Long battery life for use over extended periods on a single charge. 
  • Beep tone and LED indicators for good barcode reads, power and Bluetooth connection status. 
  • Withstands multiple drops onto concrete. 
  • Built-in stylus tip for convenient use with touch screens. 
  • Bluetooth HID profile support for quick set up with no software installation required. 
  • Bluetooth SPP profile support with SocketScan 10 wedge software for easy set up and quick scanner configuration