Opticon OPL2724

Extremely compact and lightweight Scanner.


  • Free utility to manage placement of scanned data on Bluetooth-equipped devices such as PDAs (Windows Mobile) and Blackberrys included in box
  • Accepts standard AAA alkaline batteries
  • 10m Bluetooth range
  • 32KB of memory for data storage when working out-of-range
  • Extremely compact and lightweight

The OPL-2724 from Opticon is an extremely small (3/4 of the volume of a Nokia 6230i mobile phone) mobile bar code scanner with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, designed to provide users with a straightforward method of capturing and communicating bar-coded information to another mobile device, such as a PDA or a BlackBerry. As a simple “scan and send” solution, the OPL-2724 can be used within 10 metres of a connected mobile device. When out of Bluetooth range the OPL-2724 can store captured data in it’s own 32KB memory for transmission once connection is re-established.