Motorola RS409 Ring Scanner

Put the latest in scanning technology at the fingertips of your workers

The tiny RS409 Ring Scanner from Motorola Solutions offers the ideal blend of form and function, allowing unparalleled freedom of movement in scanning, picking, and sorting applications. Part of the WT4000 Series Wearable System this lightweight device delivers hands-free ergonomic comfort, the latest in scanning technology, and the rugged design to endure everyday use indoors and outdoors.

The RS409 can scan near or far, can be worn directly on the finger or over a gloved hand, and is ideal for a wide range of applications & from workers picking product in a warehouse or processing deliveries in a postal facility, to hospitality workers scanning lift tickets on a ski slope.


  • Hands-free design maximises freedom of movement for greater efficiency and productivity 
  • Superior scanning performance enables reading of even damaged and poorly printed barcodes 
  • Extremely wide working range & from a one inch to over four feet & provides outstanding application flexibility 
  • Rugged design ensures reliable operation despite everyday drops and bumps 
  • Right and left-handed use and outstanding trigger ergonomics accommodates different sized hands and hand-position preferences, ensuring comfort for a wide range of users 
  • Removable finger strap enables companies to issue a personal finger strap to workers for improved hygiene