Motorola MT2000

Motorola Solutions MT2000 series combines advanced 1D/2D barcode, DPM and image capture with the ability to key in and view data – plus 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth connectivity options

Streamline scan-intensive data applications with the MT2000 Series. Combining the simplicity of a scanner with the intelligence of a mobile computer, these handheld mobile terminals provide advanced 1D/2D barcode, DPM and image capture, as well as the ability to key in and view data. 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth, corded and batch connectivity options provide the flexibility to meet a wide range of business needs, and the ergonomic yet rugged design offers comfortable, reliable operation throughout your environment. Built on the .Net platform for easy application development, the MT2000 Series also comes pre-loaded with inventory software and an MCL client to facilitate porting of new and legacy applications.


  • Eliminates need for separate barcode scanners, mobile computers, EAS deactivators and mobile RFID readers 
  • Entry level priced 
  • Preloaded with MCL client software 
  • Optional MCL designer software 
  • Microsoft.Net framework 
  • Windows CE 5.0 operating system 
  • Bluetooth® technology for cordless connection to host device up to 300 feet away 
  • USB and RS-232 provides a flexible corded connection to host devices 
  • MT 2090 offers integrated 802.11 a/b/g for real-time direct application connectivity 
  • PCI compliant