Motorola MC65

With the Motorola MC65 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA), mobile workers now have the tools in hand to get the job done right – right now.

As one of the toughest and most flexible EDAs on the market, the MC65 delivers desktop performance to provide instant access to the applications and information back in the office. Capture and process just about any type of data on site, quickly and easily – from a single document to hundreds of barcodes, a library of photos or a signature.

Activate and reactivate the MC65 on virtually any cellular network in the world, eliminating the need to purchase network technology (GSM or CDMA) specific devices, extending device lifecycle and ensuring that each and every worker has the best connection possible.
Add a customisable user interface that makes doing business easier than ever and you have a real workforce multiplier – a device that turns paperwork and repeat visits into more tasks completed per day.