Motorola MC55N0

The Motorola MC55N0 series offers in-office managers and task workers the right level of rugged design and support for the most demanding business applications. Specifically designed to meet the needs of workers in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and government agencies, this versatile mobile computer makes it possible to complete more tasks, more accurately, and in less time — for notable enhancements to productivity and customer care.

Smart Style and Rugged Design

Form and function merge perfectly with the MC55N0 series’ blend of capabilities. From barcode scanning, photographs and video capture, video viewing and access to business applications, its compact, lightweight form is easy to carry, and ideal for customer-facing functions. The MC55N0 also offers exceptional durability and reliability, as demonstrated through extensive heat, cold, dust, water, drop and tumble testing.

Powered for Virtually Any Mobile Application

With its best-in-class mobile application performance, the MC55N0 features technology robust enough to handle even the most demanding multimedia applications. With the most current mobile operating system for enterprise, the fastest processor, the largest memory footprint in its class, and 803.11n radio compatibility, you can count on your wireless applications to perform with desktop speed and stability.