Motorola LS9203i

Please note: This product has been discontinued

A high-value, cost-effective scanner from Motorola that reads high density codes and is ideal for small retailers.

The Motorola Solutions LS9203i omni-directional barcode scanner is ideal for small retail operations and institutional organisations requiring dependable data entry. High performance optics deliver superior data capture, even on high density barcodes, and the extra loud beeper (85dBa) helps ensure successful barcode capture. Users can choose between hands-free or handheld operation.

The scanner’s ease of deployment and durability help to lower the total cost of ownership. The device easily integrates with your existing POS solution to offer detailed and timely sales information, giving you insights into customer behavior. The small, sleek design suits environments where counter space is at a premium.


  • Electronic data capture technology – Eliminates manual effort and paper-based data collection errors. 
  • Reduction of inventory errors – Helps prevent shrinkage and keep costs down while improving accuracy. 
  • Omni-directional scan pattern – Speeds checkout times and frees employees to serve more customers. 
  • High-performance optics – Delivers superior data capture, even on high density barcodes 
  • Extra loud beeper (85dBAa) – Confirms positive decode feedback in noisy environments 
  • Choice of handheld or hands-free scanning – Reduces injuries caused by heavy lifting. 
  • Durable design – Withstands multiple drops to concrete, ensuring reliable performance and investment protection. 
  • Plug-and-play setup and intuitive scanning – Enables rapid deployment and immediate use, minimising training time. 
  • Multiple interfaces – Provides investment protection by permitting migration to new hosts without replacing scanners. 
  • Universal cables – Facilitates replacement and upgrade.