Motorola LS7708

Motorola offers the fastest mini-slot Scanner on the market in its price-range.

The Motorola LS7708 mini-slot scanner is designed to keep checkout lines moving quickly. It offers a large scanning window and a rastering high-density scan pattern that maximises first-pass read rates and captures truncated barcodes. This technology allows cashiers to quickly scan items and move more customers through the checkout process in less time. In addition, the hands-free scanner makes it easier for them to engage with customers as they check them out, further enhancing the customer-service experience.

The fastest mini-slot scanner on the market in its price range, the LS7708 offers the functionality retailers are looking for at a price they can afford.


  • Rastering scan pattern 
  • RSS barcode decoding 
  • Electronic article surveillance (EAS) 
  • PC programming (123 Scan) 
  • Secondary scanner port 
  • Automatic sleep mode