Motorola LS4278

Please note: This product has been discontinued and replaced by the Motorola LI4278

Motorola’s premium next-generation Bluetooth™ cordless laser scanner delivers superior scanning anywhere in the workplace.

The cordless Motorola LS4278 leverages the innovative design of the corded LS4208. The Motorola LS4200 Series is the best handheld scanner series designed specifically for those customers who understand that keeping the line moving or the application running has a direct effect on their bottom line. The LS4278 is the next generation of the very popular LS407x series – Motorola’s best selling laser scanner ever. Designed to increase efficiencies in scan-intensive operations, the LS4278 accelerates throughput with productivity-enhancing features.

With an innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern, the LS4278 enables the quick and accurate scanning of all types of one-dimensional (1D) symbologies, including damaged symbols and stacked reduced space symbology (RSS) barcodes. It also provides a wide working range and superior motion tolerance to increase scanning flexibility and performance. The LS4278 offers continuous, one-pass scanning, allowing novice and advanced users alike to process more items more rapidly and spend less time keying in data.


  • Bluetooth Class 2 v1.2 (Serial Port & HID Profiles with authentication and security) 
  • Multi-line rastering scan pattern 
  • Remote scanner management (RSM) ready 
  • Long life industrial charging contacts 
  • Patented, single circuit-board 
  • Wide working range 
  • Superior motion tolerance 
  • Withstands 5ft/1.5m drops to concrete 
  • Powered through host cable 
  • Plug-and-play; universal cable 
  • Multi point-to-point 
  • Batch mode operation 
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting