Motorola LS3578-ER

A cordless Bluetooth-enabled rugged barcode laser scanner from Motorola Solutions that reads 1D barcodes from near or far.

Scan all 1D barcodes from practically anywhere with onboard Bluetooth® capability. The Symbol LS3578-ER rugged cordless scanner reads labels as far away as 45ft and as close as 4ins, delivering the widest working range of any rugged, hand-held scanner. 
The scanner gives operators a 150-foot range, which far exceeds the 6-foot range of corded devices, and its ergonomic design is comfortable during long shifts. Designed for use in harsh environments, this scanner withstands multiple drops onto concrete and has IP65-rated sealing for protection against the elements.


  • Wide working range – Allows workers to scan items at 4in (10cm) to 45ft (13.7m). 
  • Bluetooth-enabled cordless scanning – Ensures secure wireless data transmission. 
  • Rugged design – Withstands multiple 6.5ft (2m) drops to concrete, lessening downtime from accidental drops. 
  • Bright LED and beeper with adjustable volume – Makes decode feedback clearly visible and audible to users, even in noisy environments. 
  • Multi-point communication – Allows use of up to three scanners with a single cradle. 
  • Bright 650-nm laser aiming dot – Delivers clearly visible line for more accurate scanning. 
  • Advanced data formatting – Eliminates costly modifications to the host software. 
  • Batch mode operation – Increases application design flexibility. 
  • Remote scanner management – Enables you to discover, provision and upgrade devices from a central remote location.